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Halfway there!

Well the major holiday for this time of year, Christmas, is now over. I’ll be more active posting after New Years zooms by us. Stay tuned!

Controversy is king

I’m sure you’ve all heard the popular saying “Content is king.” Well I honestly believe Controversy is king. They say in business there is no such thing as bad press. Is that true? Maybe. Let’s look at a couple different examples.

Let’s say that plans on having a “Saddam is Dead” sale when he is finally hung. Obviously EVERYBODY would be talking about this sale. would be mentioned on every news cast and every publication in the world during this sale. Would it work? Would they increase their sales? Would they bring in new customers who support their statement? How many current customers would this scare off? There really is no way to tell without actually trying it. Obviously would never run a sale like this…but it’s an interesting thought isn’t it?

Here’s another example. Last November the Indianapolis Colts were getting ready to play the Dallas Cowboys. Well Steak’n Shake accidently sent the wrong flyers to the Indianapolis area and many Colts fans received a flyer stating how Steak’n Shake supported the Cowboys. This was big news in Indianapolis as we were about to play the Cowboys on Sunday. They quickly apologized and explained their mistake. Because of this little slip up (if it was a slip up) they got all of Indiana talking about Steak’n Shake and their mess up. They offered free shakes on Sunday to anyone wearing Colts apparel. Well I drove by Steak’n Shake and they were PACKED!

There is a thin line between good controversy and bad controversy. One thing is clear however; Controversy is king!

RSS feeds are a necessity

Why don’t more sites offer RSS feeds? I’m completely amazed by the number of sites lacking an RSS feed. Do you not want your content to get out there? Do you not want more traffic to your site? Why would you not syndicate your articles?

I know the most common excuse to this question:

“We don’t want our articles stolen”

LEAN FORWARD AND CHOKE YOURSELF!!! How is syndicating your articles allowing someone to steal them? YOU have the power to decide what is syndicated and what isn’t. YOU have the power to limit the amount of the article that is syndicated. RSS feeds can only help your site grow.

By offering your readers easier methods to read your articles you are enticing them to visit your site more often.

If your unfamiliar with RSS and how it works you can read about it here.

Survivor is for suckers!

I just finished watching the season finale of Survivor. I’ve enjoyed the show since Rupert was on and this year was actually better than usual. Did you know that the contestants that don’t win still get money? I found this chart online:

Winner, $1,000,000
Runner-up, $100,000
3rd, $85,000
4th, $70,000
5th, $55,000
6th, $45,000
7th, $35,000
8th, $27,500
9th, $20,000
10th, $15,000
11th, $10,000
12th, $7,500
13th, $5,500
14th, $4,500
15th, $3,500
16th, $2,500

I’m not sure how accurate this list is, but I do know the other contestants win something. Interesting that they never talk about it. Looks like the next Survivor will be called Survivor Fiji. Should be interesting. Why not just drop the survivors off on the island with a spear and the last one to live wins? That would be real “Must see TV”

Brad out.

Moving right along

I’ve been working on the new functionality. It is coming together very nicely! I wrote a script that will index RSS feeds every 10 minutes from the major news outlets in the state of Indiana. You can view a full list of sites I am indexing and how many articles I have indexed here:

Not bad for 2 days of indexing huh? Tomorrow I plan on really hitting the algorithm hard. I want to add a certain “weight” to each site so the larger news providers are more likely to appear towards than top then say the podunk times. My goal for this site is to make a single source for Indiana news and keep it very clean. So far so good! More to come.

Web 2.0 and Me

It’s late and I just finished up programming for about 4 hours straight. I’ve been doing a lot of research on Web 2.0. The term has been out there for awhile now, but it’s really just starting to sink in for me on what exactly it means for the internet. This chart really helped me grasp it better:

Web 1.0 Web 2.0
DoubleClick –> Google AdSense
Ofoto –> Flickr
Akamai –> BitTorrent –> Napster
Britannica Online –> Wikipedia
personal websites –> blogging
evite –> and EVDB
domain name speculation –> search engine optimization
page views –> cost per click
screen scraping –> web services
publishing –> participation
content management systems –> wikis
directories (taxonomy) –> tagging (“folksonomy”)
stickiness –> syndication

I pulled this chart from O’ I’ve been using content management systems for quite awhile now and I have seen the trend of a CMS solution developing into a wiki. After fully grasping the web 2.0 concept I really began to think of new ideas. I’ve decided to redevelop one of my sites using this concept. The site is The site was originally developed to be an Indiana only search engine. Well that didn’t pan out so well so I’m moving on! I’ll give more details in future postings, but be on the lookout for JustIndiana 2.0!

Google Webmaster Tools vs. Yahoo Site Explorer

I thought I would write about my recent experiences with submitting a new site I’ve been working on with the friend. The site I will be discussing is We launched the site on November 15th of this year.

As of today, December 12th, Google has 10 pages indexed and Yahoo has 16 pages indexed. The links in Yahoo actually showed up two days before the links in Google. I was a little shocked by these results. Google seems to typically work faster than Yahoo, but in this case Yahoo Site Explorer wins! So in future scenarios I will be sure to submit my sitemap to Yahoo first.

One variable to note is that this site was previously indexed in both engines from a previous version.

How to Delete “Access Denied” files

Brad’s interesting tip of the week:

Have you ever tried to delete a file, be it a virus or spyware file, and no matter what you try you receive an “Access Denied” error? Well I had that exact same problem with a pesky virus on my warehouse server. Norton, McAfee, and two other virus programs could not delete this stupid file. I also tried safe mode and recovery console with no luck. After a little googling I came across a program called Moveonboot. This program will flag any file you want for move, copy, or delete upon reboot. I don’t usually plug programs, but this program saved me a lot of time and money at work today so I’m happy to fill others in on it.

You can download it here.

Myers-Briggs Personality Type Test

I was reading through digg and came across the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Test.

The test takes about 10 minutes to complete. And here is my career path result:

ENTJ – Business executives, CEOs, organization founders, business administrators, managers, entrepeneurs, judges, lawyers, computer consultants, university professors, politicians, credit investigators, labor relations worker, marketing department manager, mortgage banker, systems analysts, scientists. They are born to lead and can steer the organization towards their vision, using their excellent organizing and understanding of what needs to get done.

Well..well…well what do we have here? Executive?! CEO?!!! I would say this test is spot on!

Population Breakdown

ENTJ is the second rarest type of the 16 different types available. Only 1.8% percent of the population is of this type. This graph helps outline all of the types by population percentage.

As my current goal is becoming an innovator I find this test extremely interesting. The fact that this 64 year old type test nails me as exactly what I want to accomplish is amazing.

Give the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Test a shot!

Good and Bad Computer Karma

I’ve always felt there is computer karma. Some people are born with good computer karma and some with bad computer karma. There are certain people who are the black sheeps in the computer world. No matter what they do they just have bad luck with computers. These are the users who manage to get errors that you have never seen before. These are the users that no matter how hard they try they just can’t get anything to work on their computer.

Then there are the people with good computer karma. That’s me! I know that I have good computer karma. However, in the past fews months my karma is like a rollercoaster. There are really high peaks and really low valleys. Take last week for example. I’m at my first day of SES 2006 and right after my first class I get a phone call. “The warehouse server won’t boot up and it says No hard drives found.” UGH! I spent the next 3 days helping coordinate the rebuilding of our warehouse server over the phone while still trying to focus on the classes I was attending.

I come back Thursday and get the warehouse back online only to hit another roadblock. The IT guy I had rebuild the server didn’t install antivirus software and I forgot to remind him to. So of course there was an infected computer on our network that instantly infected my freshly rebuilt warehouse server. Double UGH!

So that was my fun week. Do you believe in karma? I know I do!