Archives for February 2007

First ASP.NET App

So I’m back from training and using my new ASP.NET skills already! Take a look at our Designer Handbag store Notice at the bottom of the screen there is a footer bar that allows you to enter your email address. Well there it is! My first “live” ASP.NET app. It’s fairly simple, but the knowledge I gained in my class helped out tremendously!

Stay tuned. Next up is “tell a friend”

ASP.NET training

I’m going to an ASP.NET training course starting on Monday. The course is Developing Microsoft ASP.NET Web Applications Using Visual Studio .NET. I’m extremely excited about going to training. It’s been too long and I need to really start focusing on ASP.NET development in future projects.

Astronaut Diapers

Exactly! The number one search term yesterday was “astronaut diapers” I love the internet. A story about a crazed astronaut driving 900 miles wearing a diaper hits the newstand and BAM a new site is born. Of course someone already registered the domain:

It’s all about timing and grabbing those domains as stories hit. Astronaut Diapers! Love it!