Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death

It was bound to happen. My Xbox 360 finally received the Red Ring of Death (RROD). Xbox 360

What makes it even more frustrating is the fact that I had NO problems leading up to this. My Xbox 360 was amazing and never froze, glitched, locked up, or acted funny in anyway. Then one day BAAM, and it’s down for the count. I’m glad Microsoft is owning up to this problem and extended the Xbox warranty to three years, but damn! Now I have to send it off for a few weeks to get fixed.

The Nintendo Wii is looking better and better! Playstation what?

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  1. Dont buy a wii silly, its all gimmicks on that front.
    Get a PS3…?

  2. I heated my 360 up, as indicated, and it didn’t even take the recommended 30 minutes, it was up and running in no time. So, at least while I’m waiting on my box to arrive I can finish Call of Duty 4, good deal.

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  4. its bum deal when you get the red ring of death hope you got it sorted.

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  6. PS3>360>Wii

    PS3 is cheaper (no network fees, comes with free wireless adapter) and more powerful with a better controller (arguable, but the face buttons certainly aren’t sticky and made of jello). 360 is good, but so many problems… and expensive (Live is better, but so much more expensive, and $100 for a crappy wireless adapter that disconnects every couple hours?!) and there are only 10 good games for the Wii.

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  9. I got the ring of death ages ago, just used a towel and it worked the next day! Like magic!

  10. I am thinking about buying latest version -Vejla in Slim case. This shouldnt overheat hopefully 😉

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