Free Motorola Q USB Device Drivers

I learned an interesting fact the other day. Verizon does not allow their customers to download device drivers for their phones. Instead you have to pay $30 and purchase a “music essentials kit”, which includes drivers for your particular phone, some software, and a USB cord. $30!? WTF Verizon? Don’t you think the fact that I pay $50/month for EVDO is ENOUGH to warrant FREE drivers?

I’ve located the correct drivers for the Motorola Q and made them available to everyone for download. Enjoy!

Download FREE Motorola Q Drivers

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  1. you are the man!

  2. verlan phillips says:

    I just bought a Motorola razr v3m and looking for software to connect to my PC. I am trying to download your link, however I cannot get it to install. I must be missing a step or just don’t understand the setup process. It was refreshing to read your intro because I can’t believe they want $30 to connect ot my PC. Hope you can help.

  3. The drivers linked are for the Motorola Q cell phone, not the Razr. You’ll need to find RAZR drivers for this to work.

  4. check this out.

  5. Brad,

    every time I download that link it saves only a text (memo) typr file.

    can you help me?

  6. @Lance the file is a ZIP file. Do you have WinZip or anything installed to handle ZIP files?

  7. Christoph Reynolds says:

    hello Brad.

    i have a motorola Q on the us cellular network and i would love to watch tv. on my Q without using a sling box but u cell dose not offer this service unless you live somee parts of wisconsin, plus i feel it would be kick butt if the phone on it’s own as i like to push my tech divices to their full limit and beyond.
    Please help. thank you.


  8. Christoph Reynolds says:

    Okay my last comment was chopped up .
    I want tv. on my Q with out the use of a slig box.
    what can do to make this work ? Please help.
    Thank you.


  9. I recently bought a Motorola Q and the Motorola Phone Tools. The Motorola Phone tools program does not identify my “Q”. Can someone help?

  10. I am on my second week trying to figure out how to upload pics and videos from my phone.  No, I am not a true blonde.  But, close enough. I pray this site is my solution to my driver problem and will save me $30.00 bucks to spend on my upcoming wedding. LOL!!!

  11. Crap! It’s always something….I have a razor.

  12. T anks so much. I had been trying to figure this out. No CD included in purchase so searched and found your post. And I certainly don’t need to purchase “music essentials” for yet another USB cable.

  13. Ahmad Haseeb says:

    Hello Dear! Can u tell me plz how can i use modem link of moto q with pc.

  14. I pluged a Motorola Q in and got new hardware “Motorola USB Remote NDIS Network Drive” come up. Is this the way to get access to the picture taken on the phone?

  15. Jeremiah says:

    I have tried to unzip the moto q drivers and all that comes through is a text format. Please explain the procedure to download this correctly.

  16. @Jeremiah the zip file contains a INF driver file for the Q cell phone. You need to unzip this file to a location on your computer, and then update the driver for your cell phone and point it to this file. Windows will install the driver file from here.

  17. All I get when I unzip the file I downloaded from above is a file named USBMOT2000
    It is a text file. When I point to it as a driver file to be used to update my Q driver file, MS Windows XP doesn’t recognize or use it as a driver file. Something is missing!!

  18. I get the same result as Don!!!


  19. Robert Stoeckel says:

    Here is what I did to get it to work…

    If you have already installed the phone driver that came with your phone, uninstall it. Run Start | All Programs | Motorola Driver Installer | Motorola Driver Installer.exe and then select clean and start then close the app when it’s finished. Then plug in your phone using the USB cable and point to the .inf file when the “New Device” window opens. Once the driver is setup unplug the phone and then load the VZAccess Manager app from the CD that came with the phone and follow the instructions. A good link to follow for Tethering a cellphone.

  20. I forgot to mention that the phone needs to be activated as a modem first before the install will work.

    Sorry about that…

  21. Thank you…it worked

  22. Hey, i downloaded the program from the top and a window open and i double clicked an icon labeled “USBMOT2000” and i open that and a window opens that has stanbdard computer font liek the one used for the comments and i have no idea where to go from there…there”s no bottons to click or anything…please HELP!!!

  23. miguel Eduardo says:

    this is the best download link, thanks for being here

  24. way to beat the system. thanks!

  25. George L. Alvarez says:

    I have a Motorola Q and for some reason when I bought it I didnt get the CD rom that allows me to download pics taken from my Q to my computer.

    Need words of wisdom in how do to it.


  26. was wondering if you can help me out syncing my Q the my laptop .. keeps coming up unknow device

  27. Motorola drivers are a pain in the #@$ to find, if you change your location from the US to worldwide en then you can DL the drivers for any moto phone. If you want the direct link please email me.

  28. I have Motorola Verizion W755 phone. My computer will not read or sync through a usb and can not get good information from the dealer.

  29. tengo un moto q quiero colocarle el software desde mi computador alguien me indique los pasos gracias

  30. hey i have a motorola q and i downloaded the file however i have it in my unzipping program and i right click on it to install and i click install and the general question pops up if i want to run and i say yes and nothing happened please help

  31. aalleexx says:

    i dont understand how i can instal drivers on my pc from USBMOT2000 please explain thanks.

  32. Hi Brad
    Thanks for the driver for my old Motorola Q – I was able to download the setup file – but cant seem to bridge the gap to get it installed….
    All I am trying to do is be able to download old pics off this device.. the phone is not active anymore…
    any ideas?

  33. hey, my cd with the moto q9e pc suit has vamooshed and i got a new pc. Found out i didn’t have the cd a little to late. no pc suite no using my phone as a modem:( can u help to get this driver ?

    travel loads and really need this..
    rich from RSA

  34. brad for pres!!!

  35. Thanx Brad for the info,
    The way to install the driver is; after u download the file,
    1. extract it.
    2. when it’s appear as usbmot2000.txt, change the to ‘usbmot2000.inf’.
    3. install the new hardware n locate the driver.
    4. the usb modem driver is already installed.
    But then my problem is, when I plug my q8 after I activate the modem using ##342587 thing, my pc doesn’t recognized my q8, n the driver have the ‘?’ sign in hardware profile manager on my computer. Before i activate it as modem, my q is recognized, and syncing with pc.
    FYI i’m using q8 gsm, live in indonesia. so there’s nothing to do with verizon since it 4 cdma. any1 could help me pls.. thx

  36. Hi brad…I lived in jakarta – Indoesia, for a days ago I bought a moto Q8 gsm (used)….n right now i want to connect the moto Q8 to my laptop…do you have any idea where i can get it…?

  37. hey does anyone know how to clear a bootloader version error that comes up then after pluggin usb it says se flash bulverde cannot find files

  38. you are the best thanks a lot man.. I have bin looking for this modem for a while and you just made my day

    for those of u havin problems just activate the modem link on ur phone b4 dat extract the inf file to your desktop plug in ur usb to ur phone and desktop it says new hardware found then install…

    go to control panel and modem
    click on add then add ur modem

    after this go to network and creat a new network for dial up connection
    I think the rest shud be easy

  39. ok. i have a motorola Q phone i recently just got. it came with a free usb cord. my friend has limewire but doesnt pay for it. so i used the usb cord to try to download music into my “sounds” on my phone and it downloads correctly but a little while after when i go to my sounds to see my ringtones, it doesnt let me play any of them. this is driving me insane please help me.

  40. For your information, i’ve been using motorola Q8 GSM, It is WM 6.
    FYI, to make the connection between PC and Moto Q, you must install the ActiveSync. And to act Moto Q as modem, – Afterward when your Moto Q recognized and syncing on the PC – you can navigate to the Internet Sharing menu, just make sure that you using the right APN from your provider, and then you don’t need the “USBMoto2000.inf” anymore on PC.

    My Moto Q8 using GSM networks, Telkomsel for the provider and Windows Mobile 6.

  41. hi i am from Mexico and let me know if you can help me fix my motorola q, is to lend it to a friend and he accidentally deleted his drivers, I can not enter the applications because the menu does not go get stuck … I hope you can help … Thanks


    does anyone have moto q or moto 9c driver for win 7

  43. The drivers linked are for the Motorola Q cell phone, not the SE Flash Bulverde You’ll need to find SE Flash Bulverde drivers for this to work.
    does anyone have moto q

  44. Moisés Cruz says:

    Excelente, gracias por tu aporte, me sirvio de mucho