Halo 3: My Addiction!

So everyone digital knows Halo 3 launches tomorrow. I am one of the million or more gamers out there that has a reserved copy with my name on it in a big box in the back of Best Buy with all his other little buddies.
Halo 3 logo
This Halo short movie popped up on Digg today and if you haven’t seen it watch it right now!

Watch Halo Short Movie

Just a small taste of what a Halo movie could be! I’ll be gaming it up on Halo 3 for the next few days (gamertag: JohnnyMongoloid)

Game on Master Chief, Game on!

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  1. I really enjoy Halo 3, and while we have had an Xbox360 in the house for almost a year, I was still living in the original Xbox world.
    Halo 3 was the title that transitioned me from old school, to next gen. The quality of Halo 3, mixed with XboxLive is amazing. The seamless nature in which I can play online in Co-op with friends/co-workers or Head to Head, is great. One of my favorite moments of the last year was playing through Halo 3 with my son by my side, and a friend connected through XboxLive. 5 Hours later, we had rescued the world, and had dozens of memorable moments together.

    We recently added COD 4 to our collection, and it has become more of the same.

    XboxLive GamerTag = CeratedNickel

  2. You said it David! The co-op via Xbox Live really changed the Halo experience for me. Nothing quite like working with friends to conquer Halo 3!

    I’ll be sure to add you to my friends list. My tag is JohnnyMongoloid 😉

  3. Yeah, Halo 3 co-op effect is really great 🙂
    We are a small company offering data recovery services and we bought Xbox 360 with Halo 3 for our customers waiting for their hard drives diagnostics.
    Some of them aren’t willing to leave even when everything is complete 🙂

  4. i love halo3 very much…halo 3 now became phenomenon in my work place…everyone like to talk about it….