Free Online Language Learning

By Looking for an easy free online way to learn a foreign language? is the site you’ve been looking for! Logo
I decided to give “Spanish for English Speakers” a shot. uses a flash based teaching tool with a massive library of lessons.

Spanish for English Speakers has 103 lessons with 50-80 slides in each. Each slide has an audible reading of the words to learn as well as written form. Once you are comfortable with your pronunciation simply move to the next slide.

Overall is a great site for picking up a second language. Free never hurts either!

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  1. Francisco Araujo says:

    Quero usar os cursos

  2. is another great online language learning site! You have lessons and realtime conversations with native speakers.

  3. Nice looking site. I’ll do a write-up on it soon!

  4. I have tried Trymango and found it one of the better language learning resources. The lesson organization is awesome, the first slide details what is going to be taught in the lesson, and the rest of the slides recapitulate first on the earlier lessons and then proceed with the current learnings.

    Overall, an excellent combination of revision and learning to propel your language skills.

  5. Right on about the organization and utility of the course. Perhaps a little on the basic level, the course really does add value to a beginner’s grasp of the language.

  6. curso de sueco pra mim por favor?

  7. I tried, and it’s not free. Has it changed over time?

  8. and so… that’s the way to go!

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  10. Our company strives to offer customers a managed language learning that will help you quickly, effectively and permanently learn the new language you tried to achieve.Effective Linguistics defines your new language, showing how it relates to English. Inside you will find the vocabulary and grammar to learn that you need to learn a new language as well as dozens of studies, making it easy to learn and remember these lessons when you are writing, reading, speaking, or listening to a new language.