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I have nothing to say

I’ve been extremely busy lately and haven’t had a chance to write any new posts. Here are a couple tidbits to feed your Brad hunger.

Jeff just launched a new forum on his site so go get registered and start posting!

I just launched permalinks on SnapFoo:

and RSS feeds:

That’s all for now! Expect more posts as soon as things calm down a bit.

Easily Increase Site Traffic Using

By Looking for an easy way to boost site traffic? Look no further than StumbleUpon is a browsing tool for sharing and discovering great websites based on keywords that you find interesting. LogoSimply install the toolbar and click Stumble to view high-quality pages matched to your personal preferences. StumbleUpon also gives you the ability to rate websites you like or dislike. By giving a site you enjoy a thumbs up, you enter that site into the StumbleUpon directory. This allows others users who are stumbling under the same keywords as your site the chance of viewing the page you stumbled.

The amazing part is it actually works! On Wednesday my post 10 Reasons why I’m buying a 2nd Generation Zune over any Apple iPod hit StumbleUpon. Since then I have received over 2,000 unique hits to that post from StumbleUpon users. Amazing!

StumbleUpon recently made some updates to its toolbar that shows website ratings next to search results in popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Windows Live. on Google is an amazing resource for web developers and a great way to find interesting sites. Updates

By I wanted to post a quick update about We have begun sending out invites to a small group of friends. Logo
We have also launched the official SnapFoo Blog to help keep everyone informed of our progress.

If all goes as planned (and it probably won’t) we hope to start blasting out invites in the coming weeks so get on the list! was recently discussed on the Alternageek Podcast so be sure to check that out!

Here’s a sneak peak of the new slogan for SnapFoo which will be splattered all over merchandise when we launch!

Foo You -

Mad Monster Party on DVD, and you’re all invited!

By The Laughing Squid crew posted the trailer for Mad Monster Party tonight. It just so happens I picked up a copy of the DVD at the local super market the other day. How can you not love this?

Mad Monster Party DVD Cover
Nice little pick-up for $9.99, and yes that’s Boris Karloff as the voice of Baron Boris von Frankenstein! Mad Monster Party is from Rankin/Bass who also created the classics Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman! Good memories.

Make sure to get your scary movie collection up to par before Halloween hits!

Travelocity refuses to reimburse for unsafe/filthy hotel

By After a recent trip to Charlotte, NC I can say that I will NEVER use Travelocity again. We made reservations to stay at the Ramada Inn next to the airport in Charlotte through Travelocity. The hotel had many flaws including moldiness, broken doors, stains everywhere, disgusting old sheets/blankets, and was located in an unsafe area of town. We asked for another room which had even more problems. After 5 minutes in our second room we decided to leave for another hotel.

After our trip my girlfriend contacted Travelocity for a refund, which they refused to give. Travelocity’s cancellation policy states:

“Once you have checked into a hotel you cannot cancel or receive credit for unused nights if you check out early”

So if you check in to a hotel and enter your room to find a rabid dog snacking on a fresh carcass it’s too late for Travelocity to issue you a refund on your reservation. That’s quality customer satisfaction with a smile isn’t it? That is why I have cancelled my Travelocity account and will NEVER use them again. End rant.

Is the future of Web 2.0 mobile?

By Mitch Wagner of Information Week posted an overview from John Battelle of Federated Media, Tim O’Reilly of O’Reilly Media, and Eric Faurot, senior VP at CMP of the Web 2.0 Summit yesterday. In this overview they ask an important question: Where is Web 2.0 Going?
Cell Phone Internet Browser
The answer? Mobile!

There’s a huge opportunity to turn the kind of data the phone has into services

I couldn’t agree more! Mobile phones are so widely used, but how many cell phone users browse the internet?

According to, among the 237 million wireless subscribers in the U.S., 70 percent use their phones to text message, more than 32 million accessed the Internet on their phones last month, and 41 percent use their phones to send picture messages.

32 million and that’s just in the US! Mobile internet usage is growing at a steady rate yet is still widely underused in the Web 2.0 world. Expect the gap between mobile and Web 2.0 to close over the next few years as more and more services are launched targeting the mobile user.

Looking for a new startup idea? Think mobile!

Fourth Annual Web 2.0 Summit 2007

By Yesterday kicked off the start of the Fourth Annual Web 2.0 Summit 2007. Web 2.0 Summit focuses on emerging business and technology developments that utilize the Web as a platform and defines how the Web will drive business in the future.
Web 2.0 Summit 2007 LogoI was disappointed that there are no live streams of the event that I can find. I was able to find a few live bloggers including Bobbie Johnson of The Guardian, Mitch Wagner of Information Week, and Paul Miller at Nodalities.

The Summit is literally a who’s who of the internet industry. Speakers this year include Steve Ballmer (CEO, Microsoft), Jay Adelson (CEO, Digg/Revision3), Mark Zuckerberg (Founder and CEO, Facebook), and Evan Williams (Co-founder, Twitter) and many many more.

I’ll be keeping a close eye on the news coming from the Summit as many companies love using these conferences as announcement platforms. I hope to attend next year in my orange tuxedo! That should get some attention! Dynamic Chat Rooms

By Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending Startup Weekend in West Lafayette, Indiana. After many hours of chewing over ideas we decided on one: is the next generation dynamic chat space, ranking conversation relevance. is basically a tag based chat room. The user is able to select tags from the conversation which link you to related conversations based on those selected tags.

The site was created and launched in one weekend, but the overall concept is an original idea with plenty of room for growth. Not to mention Indiana was the first Startup Weekend to launch by the end of the weekend. Hoosiers rock!

Live Streaming Indiana Startup Weekend Tonight!

By The West Lafayette Indiana Startup Weekend is about to begin! I will be live streaming as much of the event as I can today. Make sure you check back here in a few hours when the live stream begins!

View Brad’s UStream.TV Startup Weekend Channel

The ASP.NET 2.0 Anthology Book from SitePoint

By Yesterday I received my new book from, The ASP.NET 2.0 Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks.ASP.NET 2.0 Anthology Book

After skimming through my new read I must say, SitePoint can write some amazing books! I love how each section is prefaced with a question:

“How do I read data from my database?”
“How do I use source control?”
“How do I require users to log in?”

This method seems to flow easier for me in understanding new development techniques and code.

If you are interested in learning ASP.NET 2.0 using C# or just looking to refine your ASP.NET 2.0 skills then this is a must read.