Know how I know this country is gay?

By Know how I know this country is gay? It’s 2007 and we still can’t vote online! Actually it’s 2007 and we can’t even register to vote online! What is wrong with this country?

Go Vote!We spend millions upon millions of dollars for voting machines that are untrustworthy, rather than invest that money in technology that would allow anyone to vote from the privacy of their own home. Sure there are security risks involved, but there are security risks involved with banking and shopping online too. If we start investing in the technology today it would be ready in the next few years.

Want to get more young adults to vote? Let them vote for the next president on MySpace. Guaranteed to double voter turnout.

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  1. LOL, You make a couple of valid points while at the same time, creating a headline that just begs to be clicked on.

  2. haha yeah I figured people would be curious about that title 😉

  3. Gay… partially. Lame… totally! However, it would take a whole new bureaucracy to develop a system. Another nightmare division of government to bilk the taxpayers out of more money.

  4. I thought only 6 year old kids still used ‘Gay’ as a derogatory term.

    Don’t drag your otherwise great blog down with such lazy titles Brad.

  5. Jon – It was actually a reference to a quote from the movie 40 year old virgin

    It wasn’t meant to be derogatory.