No Zune for You, Microsoft drops the ball!

By Well ZDay has come and gone and I’m sitting here writing this post without a Zune in my hand. If you read my previous post 10 Reasons why I’m buying a 2nd Generation Zune over any Apple iPod then you know how much I was looking forward to the launch of the new Zune.

I talked to 6 Circuit Citys, 2 Best Buys, 3 Game Stops, Frys Electronics, and a Wal-mart, all of who had NO Zune 80s in stock. In fact the only stores that actually received any Zune 80s was Circuit City and Wal-mart, both of which had a very small supply. Microsoft isn’t even selling Zune 80s on their online store!

I’m extremely disappointed at how Microsoft has dropped the ball on the Zune release. How does Microsoft plan to be a major iPod competitor when they can’t even handle a major product release? One compliment I can say regarding Apple is at least they know how to launch a new product. They make sure to have enough stock ready for the launch. Obviously Microsoft can’t figure this out and they wonder why Apple dominates the market.

Get a clue Microsoft. You just really pissed off a major supporter of your Zunes.

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  1. If you look at their past offerings, software, et al. you could probably have predicted that they couldn’t/wouldn’t meet their street date. You’re the second person in as many days, that I’ve read, that has said that as much as Apple has their ecentricities, they meet or exceed cusomter statisfaction in the release timing of their products, even when they don’t fully exceed in the technical execution of them.

  2. Hey Max, thanks for the comments. You’re right, I should have seen this coming. It happened with the Xbox 360 and it’s happened other times as well. I just assumed the Microsoft would have made SURE they had plenty of stock. They should know dethrowning iPod is a nearly impossible task and not letting their customers buy their products on launch day is not going to help.

  3. Hey Brad,

    Coincidently I just wrote an article about the ‘iPod Hype’, making small references to the Zune.

    iPods are successfully mainly because they have great marketing, something that other players fail at miserably albeit having arguably better products.

    When will Microsoft learn?