The Power of the Blog – Travelocity Listened

By Some of you may remember my recent rant about Travelocity. Well I’m happy to report that today my girlfriend received an email from the complaint department stating they would issue her a full refund AND give her a free one night stay at a hotel of equal value. Wow!

I’m quick to rant on a company that has shady practices, but I’m also just as quick to write about a company righting a wrong. Travelocity did the right thing and refunded the full amount for the hotel room that we didn’t stay in. Was it because of my blog post? I’d like to think my rant played a part in their change of heart. After all I did send them the link.

It’s customer service like this that can help companies survive. I vowed never to use them again, but after the way they handled my complaint I will be using Travelocity for my future travel plans.

You won me back Travelocity. Good play!

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  1. Good thing that Travelocity gave you a refund och could see that you were right. Somewhere deep in the organisation is human beeing. My guess is that they just ‘took’ the money back from Ramada. Hotel rooms are a blind purchase, you just don’t know what it will be like until you see it.

  2. That’s awesome!

  3. @lizze – yeah they are a blind purchase, but Travelocity goes off the information provided by the hotel. If the hotel isn’t truthful then it shouldn’t be the customer who gets screwed. It should be the hotel for not being honest.

  4. Brad – I agree. Maybe this refund will flag up somewhere in Ramada org – why did we have to pay back this money? Hopefully they action upon it and give the place a proper clean.

  5. I would hope so. That place really needed it!

  6. Nice work Brad. I do think the power of the blog might of influenced their decision to give you back a refund. Glad to see their are some human beings over their and at least a few people that care about customer service.