One month to go

By Tomorrow marks one month until my move to New Jersey! One month seems like a long time, but in all reality it’s extremely short considering I am picking up my entire life and moving to a new state to start my own company.

Thinks are busy as ever at work as we work on moving to two new buildings. I’m sure you’ve noticed my lack of posts lately, which is due to the move and my Jersey move. After March I will be back to regular posting, but until then it will be sporadic.

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  1. Brad, sounds very exciting! I hope the move goes smoothly for you all.

  2. So, I’m curious… why move to Jersey to start a company? Why not here in Hoosierland?

  3. @y0mbo I’ve been asked that quite a bit lately haha. There are a few different reasons for my move to Jersey.

    1. My best friend from the Marine Corps, who I’ve programmed with for over 8 years now, lives there. We made a pack to start our own company once we were both stable in our own careers. Now is the time when we are ready to take that risk!

    2. Jersey is close to NYC, Philadelphia, Newark, and Washington DC. I’m basically in the middle of so many different areas that have very tech focused communities. The networking, conferences, seminars, camps, events, etc are limitless.

    3. I’m ready to move on. I was born and raised in Indiana and will always call it my home, but Indiana does have its limits in the Tech area. There are plenty of tech companies here, but it just seems as though there is only so far you can grow.

    My ultimate goal is to get one of my startups funded and focus 100% of my time on that. After writing all of this I think it’s time I make a blog post dedicated to this topic. Coming soon…