WordPress MU Aggregator Plugin

By Strangework.com: I’m excited to announce the release of my first WordPress plugin, the WordPress MU Aggregator Plugin.

This plugin will display the most recent posts from all blogs in a WordPress MU network. The Aggregator only returns blogs updated in the last 30 days.

Created for WordPress MU 1.5.1


  • Supports permalinks, non-friendly links (querystrings), or a mixture of both
  • Pulls new posts directly from the database, not an RSS feed
  • Main WordPress MU install is not displayed in the list
  • Style-less to allow for easy implementation in any theme.
  • Easy to read comments for easy edits and styling
  • More features and sidebar widgets coming soon

Step 1.
Unzip the file and upload wordpressMU-aggregator.php to your WordPress plugin folder.

Step 2.
Active the plugin in your WordPress Admin section under the plugins menu

Step 3.
Insert this code:

<php wp_mu_aggregator(10); ?>

Anywhere in your theme. That’s it! Change the number to alter how many posts are returned.

Download: WordPress MU Aggregator Plugin v0.5

Please comment with any bugs, comments, feature requests, or hate mail!

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  1. Would love to download your plugin…

    …but the link to the .zip returns a 404.

  2. doh! Download link has been fixed.

  3. Whoa.. This is that I want..
    You know, before I know this, it is very hard to find plugin like this. And I thought I should create it by myself..

    But it isn’t neccessary now, because you’ve done it.. Thanks..
    Good job, Brad..

  4. @Nazieb glad you enjoyed this plugin! Let me know how it works for you!

  5. Hello! Im glad that you created this plugin. It worked but the url to different blog sites arent working. Here’s the example: http://user.domain.com created a post then it shows the updated aggregator list on http://domain.com but it displayed the url as in http://domain.com/news/postname instead http://user.domain.com/news/postname. I am using the most recent version of WPMU in v2.6 so hope to see it fixed soon. Its awesome which I couldn’t find anywhere to do this for WPMU.

  6. I’ve got a WPMU install that’s telling me theres an update available – but the link goes to your WordPress Theme Showcase plugin in the WP plugin directory. FYI!

  7. Hi,

    I was looking for a similar solution for non WordPress MU installation.

    Is this plugin going to work ?

  8. How do you insert this content into a wordpress page or post? (e.g. instead of altering theme files.

  9. Can you get the results as an RSS feed?

  10. Nice plugin. I modified it a little and placed it in the sidebar as a widget so it just shows the titles and site it links to(rather than the full post). I also changed the links to open in a new window.Its working perfectly on our news site:

    If I could have one feature added, it would be that it did not show posts from the main site, since thats where the sidebar is and it seems redundant to have a widget that shows links for the site that is on. I thought it already had this feature, but I must have read the description wrong.

  11. How about wordpress 2.7.1 ?
    Let me know about your opinion. Thank..

  12. Hi. Thank you for creating this plugin, it’s clear, precise and very usefull.
    Now that I got it, I´m wandering if is possible to get more than the last updated post per blog in my news page, that’s where your plugin was placed.

  13. very good!

  14. hi i download the plugin and install to my site, after activating the plugin i add the in my index.php theme file .. but it’s not working in my site.. can you help me on how to work in this plugin?

  15. hello.. im just want to know if this plugin work on wordpress mu 2.9.2 version?

  16. good post! i will said many thanks for you. its very helpfull for me, i will adiing feed your blog now

  17. Very nice Post i like it