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WordPress Theme Showcase Plugin

By I’m excited to announced the release of my latest WordPress plugin, the WordPress Theme Showcase Plugin.

This plugin will display all themes located in wp-content/themes in a showcase gallery with theme screenshots and preview links. This is a great plugin for designers looking to showcase their work or anyone that wants an easy way to display and preview multiple themes.

Updated: I added screenshots at the bottom of this post

This plugin is based off of the WordPress Theme Preview plugin created by Ryan Boren.


  • Display a showcase of your themes
  • Theme screenshots are displayed with titles and descriptions
  • Easily preview all themes loaded in WordPress
  • Allow anyone to preview themes, not just administrators
  • Works with both WordPress 2.x and WordPress MU
  • New settings page allows you to pick what themes are displayed

Step 1.
Unzip the file and upload theme-showcase.php to your WordPress plugin folder.

Step 2.
Activate the plugin in your WordPress Admin section under the plugins menu

Step 3.
Insert this code:


Anywhere in your post or page and save. That’s it!

Download: WordPress Theme Showcase Plugin
Compatible up to: WordPress and WPMU 2.8.2

Please visit the Support Forum with any bugs, comments, feature requests, or hate mail!

Theme Showcase Screenshot 1

Theme Showcase Screenshot 2

Theme Showcase Settings Page

Twitter Follow Limits Are Jacked

By Last week Jennifer Leggio of ZDNet posted an article about Twitter’s new anti-spam efforts and how royally jacked they are. I’m here to confirm that the Twitter follow limits are still jacked.

So what are the limits? Here is Twitter’s answer:

What are the limits?
We’re starting with a few limits based on various parameters, and we’ll be adding more as time goes on. We reveal some limits only when you reach them, and tell you about others in advance. Twitter applies limits to any person who reaches:

* 1,000 total updates per day, on any and all devices
* 250 total direct messages per day, on any and devices
* 100 API requests per hour
* Maximum number of follow attempts in a day

Follow limits are based on several things, one of which is our belief in a person’s good standing and intention. The behind-the-scenes portion of follow limiting varies by account, relationship, and changes over time. Based on current behavior in the Twitter community, we’ve concluded that this is both fair and reasonable. While we figure out what works best for everyone, the limits may change occasionally, but this is the nucleus and future limits will be based upon the success of these.


None of the above follow limits apply to my situation. Twitter is blocking my ability to follow new people.

I’m currently following 2100 people on Twitter and I have 1451 people following me. So my current follow to following ratio is 1.44:1. So for every 1.44 people I follow 1 person follows me back.

Does this ratio strike you as ridiculously skewed to either side? Of course not. So why can’t the techs at Twitter see this? I’m sure Twitter looks at other stats to determine who to put a limit on, but posting about 10-15 tweets a day about random stuff shouldn’t trip their spam filter.

I submitted a couple support tickets to Twitter, but have not heard a response yet. There are a few posts on regarding this issue, but none seem to give a solid answer on the follow issue:
Can’t follow Twitter members since last week
What happens if i hit a Twitter limit

I just hope the Twitter techs can get this problem resolved so I can start following more interesting people on Twitter!

WordPress Weekly Live Tonight with Alex King

By After a break last week for the 4th of July, the WordPress Weekly Podcast returns tonight Friday, July 11th at 10PM EST. Alex King will be joining the podcast for an hour long interview with the gang.

Alex King on WordPress Weekly TonightIf you have ever used WordPress in any fashion then you have probably heard of Alex King. He is responsible for some great contributions to the open-source community including being a founding developer of WordPress and some excellent WordPress plugins and themes.

Alex is also the founder of Crowd Favorite, a web development company who specialize in WordPress development and web-based applications.

As the founder of WebDevStudios, my new web development company who also happens to specialize in using open-source technologies, I’m looking forward to asking Alex a few questions to gain from his experience in the industry.

Make sure to join the WordPress Weekly Podcast LIVE tonight at 10pm EST on

Asbury Park Chess Fest 2008 – Going for a World Record!

By I’ve been working on a lot of great projects recently. One of those projects has been creating the new Asbury Park Chess Fest 2008 website.

Chess Pieces - King

The great folks at Prevention First, a not-for-profit agency, and the city of Asbury Park New Jersey will be joining together to host Chess Fest 2008 on September 27th. The event is going to try to break a Guinness Book of World Record for most simultaneous chess games. The current record was set in 2006 in Mexico City with 13,500 chess players.

“ChessFest 2008 will be star-studded and attract the world’s finest and most famous chess players. Pre-event chess-related festivities are planned for the week prior to the event and include a movie, a play and much more.”

Chess Fest Social Presence
We are currently working on building a “social presence” for the event. Currently we have launched four social network accounts:

Chess Fest Facebook Group – The obvious first choice. Facebook is becoming the standard for organized groups and events in a social community.

Chess Fest MySpace Group – by far the most annoying site to create an account for. Now have to wait 7 days before being “allowed” to create a group. coming soon I guess…

Chess Fest Ning Social Network – Ning is an awesome site that allows you to create a social network within minutes! Really looking forward to growing this site and getting the discussions going!

Chess Fest Twitter Account – Of course our good, and sometimes bad, friend Twitter is here. Twitter is a great tool to send out short blurbs and news posts for anyone looking for more information on the chess fest.

These four sites will help us spread the word and build a network of enthusiastic chess players! The next phase will include a couple more networks and possibly a social network application or two.

Now I need to study my chess moves so I don’t get hit with a Fool’s mate at the festival!