WordPress Theme Showcase Plugin

By StrangeWork.com: I’m excited to announced the release of my latest WordPress plugin, the WordPress Theme Showcase Plugin.

This plugin will display all themes located in wp-content/themes in a showcase gallery with theme screenshots and preview links. This is a great plugin for designers looking to showcase their work or anyone that wants an easy way to display and preview multiple themes.

Updated: I added screenshots at the bottom of this post

This plugin is based off of the WordPress Theme Preview plugin created by Ryan Boren.


  • Display a showcase of your themes
  • Theme screenshots are displayed with titles and descriptions
  • Easily preview all themes loaded in WordPress
  • Allow anyone to preview themes, not just administrators
  • Works with both WordPress 2.x and WordPress MU
  • New settings page allows you to pick what themes are displayed

Step 1.
Unzip the file and upload theme-showcase.php to your WordPress plugin folder.

Step 2.
Activate the plugin in your WordPress Admin section under the plugins menu

Step 3.
Insert this code:


Anywhere in your post or page and save. That’s it!

Download: WordPress Theme Showcase Plugin
Compatible up to: WordPress and WPMU 2.8.2

Please visit the Support Forum with any bugs, comments, feature requests, or hate mail!

Theme Showcase Screenshot 1

Theme Showcase Screenshot 2

Theme Showcase Settings Page

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  1. Hello,
    This is a great plugin and far easier than the “blog-mechanics-theme-gallery” plugin” (the only other comparable one I know of).
    I want to ask you if there is something more I need to do to get the “theme-preview” to work?
    Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.

  2. Pablo right, theme preview is not working, unfortunately

  3. Hey guys, I found a small bug that screwed up the wordpress URL in the paths. I updated the plugin on here so try downloading the plugin again and let me know how it goes. Thanks!

  4. Hey dude any chance you could show me how to display this plugin directly with php? Or maybe you haven’t built that functionality into the plugin yet… I’d like to be able to use this plugin anywhere in a design, not just on a page! Normally plugins have both options, the page insertions (like the [showcase] thing you’ve done) and the php code…

  5. Really awesome plugin! So easy to use.

    Two questions:
    1) How can I control how many thumbnails are shown per page? I want to show 100 different themes, but only 10 per page.

    2) Does the preview have to open in a new window? I removed the three instances of target=_blank in the plugin, but it stopped working.

    Any help you can provide would be great.

    Thanks again for an awesome plugin.


  6. Fantasitc Plugin.

    Maybe you could add in the future:
    – css classes to all elements (for styling purpose)
    – option to hide the standard wordpress themes

  7. Thanks Kretzschmar! I’m going to revisit this plugin soon and add some new features. I just updated the plugin to work in 2.7 so make sure to download from the WP Plugin repository. I updated the download link in this post to point there as well:


  8. Hey, I love this plugin but is there any way to use it as a theme switcher for visitors? I.e. you click the screenshot or title and it changes the theme rather than just previewing it.

  9. I love this thing!

    would is be possible to modify this to create unique sub-domains. i.e.

    would have a different theme than:

  10. Hi,

    Fantastic plugin. Exactly what I was looking for.

    I have installed it on my Danish WordPress portal: http://wordpress.blogos.dk/se. I have 11 themes installed. Vladimir Prevolac’s Amazing Grace and Blue Grace are two of them.

    The content of these two folders are similar, but not identical. The names and descriptions in the css-files are different, as appropriate.

    Nevertheless, only Amazing Grace, but not Amazing Blue is displayed by the plugin.

    Any suggestions as to why this is the case?

    Thank you very much in advance.

  11. By the way, the download zip says that it is version, but you state on http://www.strangework.com/wordpress-plugins/ that it is version 1.2. Which is correct?

  12. Well, I found the culprit, which has nothing to do with the Showcase plugin. I had inadvertently added the content of two themes into one zip file.

    Your plugin works very well. Thank you!

  13. Hi Brad, Great Plugin!
    I see that someone has already asked this question but I didn’t see an answer from you.
    Is there anyway to define the number of themes shown on a page. I have over 1000 themes I would like to showcase, but I’ll tell you, loading all of the themes on just one page takes a really long time. Some kind of built in pagination would be great.

    Would greatly appreciate a reply back.


  14. Excellent idea! I’m planning on adding some new features to the plugin soon. Paging will most likely be one of those features along with an optional “download theme” link.

  15. I’m using wpmu 2.7, but this plugin is showing all the themes in themes directory even if the theme is only available to specific blog (wpmu function). Perhaps we need a function to show/hide under plugin option?

  16. Hi Guys/Brad,

    Is there any way to exclude a theme from the display, ideally I would like to exclude the active theme to only show my examples:


    Any help is appreciated.

    • Not yet, but that is planned in the next release. Hopefully I will have that finished up in the coming weeks

  17. This is a great plugin, thank you! My question/suggestion is whether we can have the ability to change the size of the thumbnail images, as well as get some control over pagination/the number of thumbnails that show per page. It would also be great to configure the layout, so that (for example) display thumbnails within a multi-column/multi-row grid layout to save visitors from scrolling down endlessly through the entire long list of thumbnails.

    Really looking forward to working with this plugin and seeing what comes along next. Great plugin, thanks again!

  18. Hi, I am very excited to find your plugin. I installed it and it looks great however when I demo a a site and then click on one of the pages it loads it back in the current theme. Am I doing something wrong?



  19. Hi Brad:

    Just wanted to say how much I like your plugin. I just installed it and it works great.

    Like someone before me, the only thing I would love is the ability to exclude my current theme from the list, since it’s not on offer.

  20. Hi,

    The plugin sometimes fails with the following error: Wrong datatype for second argument in line 202.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you for a very fine plugin.

  21. PS: “Sometimes” does not mean now and then on the same blog. It fails on some blogs with this error and works on others.

  22. Hey Georg thanks for the bug reporting. I fixed the bug and pushed up version 1.4.2 with the fix. You can download it on WordPress.org or just update the plugin automatically.


    Let me know if you have any more issues or errors, thanks!

  23. Hi again,

    Version 1.5.0 does not install at my systems. I extracted the content of the trunk folder, and that works. But is the zip file packaged this way by intention?

  24. By the way, the disabling of the preview link does not remove the ?preview-theme link in the H3 header.

  25. Hi. Great plugin! I was wondering if there is an answer to Troy’s question above. Should other pages also load into the theme being demo’ed? My site also reverts back to the orginal theme if another page is selected. Thanks!

    • same question here. When I clicked on other pages, it reverted back to my original theme. Is it by design or I’m missing something? Thanks!

  26. It is working. Thx

  27. thanks plugins its work