330 Days Later and my House is Sold!

As most of you know I moved to New Jersey in April of last year.

my-houseMy house went up for sale the day I left and stayed on the market for 330 days. I am happy to announce my house has finally been sold! I think I picked the worst time in my life to put a house up for sale and move to an extremely expensive state to live in, but who knew the entire economy was going to collapse like it did?

I have to admit it was somewhat of a struggle to get on my feet in New Jersey and still maintain a mortgage payment in Indiana. I’m really proud of myself for hanging in there and not taking the easy way out with foreclosure.

I guess good things do come to those who wait!

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  1. Great job! We know all about that situation having owned a house in New Hampshire (where real estate and their related taxes are high) after moving out of state. We finally sold it in a little under a year too, but it took us near to the brink of bankruptcy.

    Where in Indiana is that? Looks a lot like the houses where we used to live on the north western corner of I465 in Indy. Good luck! 🙂

  2. chun lee says: