WordCamp Boston 2010: Recap

I’m freshly back from WordCamp Boston 2010! I had a blast at the Microsoft N.E.R.D Center Saturday hanging out with other WordPress geeks!

I attended the inaugural event this past weekend with April, Chris, Scott, and Mark from WDS. I had a great time hanging out with my WordPress buddies! I got to catch up with Jeff Chandler, Michael Torbert, Brian Gardner, Craig Tuller, Stephan Segraves, Jane Wells, Danielle Morrill, Pam Kueber, Elisha, and many more! I’m sure I forgot somebody so sorry!

I also met Joshua Strebel from Page.ly, Andrew Christian, Boone Gorges, Corey Miller and James Dalman of WebDesign.com, Danielle Morrill, and a few more I’m sure I’m forgetting.

The organizers did an amazing job putting this WordCamp together. They were constantly giving out prizes, announcing surprises, and keeping everyone thoroughly entertained all day long. Hats off to Amanda, Jake, and John and all the volunteers for an amazing job! They even handed out Monsters!

Don’t mind the Colts slides in my security presentation. I think it gave them good luck when they won the AFC Championship game!

My presentations from the event are below, enjoy!

Top 20 WordPress Plugins You’ve Never Heard Of 2010

Top 20 WordPress Plugins You’ve Never Heard Of 2010 Slideshow

WordPress Security 2010

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  1. Hi Brad,

    I enjoyed your ignite session. WordCampBoston was a great time and I look forward to the next one. Excellent job. I missed the security session but will watch that one online. I probably should have gone to that one.

  2. I was able to see your WP security session while on my break volunteering, and I enjoyed it. Not so much the horseshoes, since I’m from Boston, but I’ll let that go. 😛

  3. may we republish this review on our site? we’re trying to pull in all the external reviews, attributed, of course. http://wordcampboston.com/wcboston-2010-recap/reviews/

  4. Absolutely Amanda! Republish away

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