Custom Post Type UI Plugin for WordPress

A few days ago I released a new plugin for WordPress called Custom Post Type UI. This plugin allows you to easily create custom post types in WordPress without writing a single line of code!

Using custom post types is the future of WordPress and really opens the software up to be a full fledged Content Management System (CMS). For example if you are building a website for a car dealer you could create a post type for Cars. A business directory could have a post type for Businesses. A movie database could have a post type for Movies, Actors, and Directors. I think you get the idea. Post types are a very powerful feature in WordPress and my new plugin helps you take advantage of the power!

Below are some screenshots showing the plugin in action:

Easily create new custom post types

New custom post type is automatically added to your admin menu

Easily view and edit existing custom post types

This plugin is a little different than my other plugins because it is primary built for WordPress 3.0, which hasn’t been officially released yet. You can however install WordPress 3.0-alpha very easily using the WordPress Beta Tester plugin created by Peter Westwood.

All custom post types are saved as a single WordPress option in the database keeping this plugin very lightweight. A future version will include creating custom taxonomies for custom post types. I hope this plugin will be rolled into the Core WordPress software at some point, but until then the Custom Post Type UI does the trick!

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  1. This = awesome! I already have a couple of projects that this will be used on. Thank you for saving me all the work of setting them up myself. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Thanks Kim! I’m hoping this plugin will also help beginners experiment with the power of custom post types.

    Custom taxonomies are coming up next!

  3. Marc Heatley says:

    I’m a new fan. Less than a week ago I heard you on the WordPress Weekly podcast – and now here you are delivering literally the perfect plugin for the site I’m putting together.

    Genuinely – thank you.

  4. Waow, great plug-in !
    You should send a patch to WordPress to have that func added to the core. Thanks and keep up the good work !

  5. When you have time, could you try to see how well the custom post types work with the Scriblio plugin? That one has awesome filtering / facets capability. Thanks!

  6. Great start on this plugin!

    I’m assuming support for post thumbnails isn’t working quite yet in current beta? With the option selected I’m not seeing this meta box appear.

  7. Duh. Thought I had all my ducks in a row, but didnt. Gracias!

  8. I am running latest WordPress 3.0 nightly build on LocalHost, and when trying to view or edit a custom post with custom taxonomies I get the following error:

    Catchable fatal error: Object of class stdClass could not be converted to string in C:xampphtdocswordpresswp-includesclasses.php on line 277

    When I disable your plugin the problem goes away. I read somewhere this may have to do with PHP version, but I cannot backgrade now. Any ideas? Many thanks

  9. Can you add the function to do custom taxonomies and custom meta fields so you can whip out stuff like this on the fly:

  10. Excellent Brad, what I’m loving about the plugin is that it is giving us an easy-to-use GUI to do some magic with WordPress.

    Thanks alot.

  11. Adan Archila says:

    Hey, great plugin! But it brokes the NextGen Gallery rewrite rules, so NextGen it doesn’t work very well with your plugin.

  12. Your plugin is wonderful for creating custom post types and taxonomies.

    It’s not so wonderful for actually using them: the really crucial step is an explanation of how to display them.

    The video skips this step (I finally broke down and downloaded it, only to find it gives no explanation at all; I really would have appreciated a written tutorial). This is a very frustrating experience, as I can see a lot of uses for custom post types. (I have content that I want to have on the site and link to but which would not be much fun for people wanting to read the blog either directly or via a feed.)

    Since adding posts to a page involves messing with the template, and is likely to break when the user changes their theme, and out-of-the-box functionality of custom posts is somewhat limited (no support for ‘more’ tags, no turning of headers into links to the individual post), the functionality for the average user who does not wish to mess with WP will find them less than satisfactory. I would have hoped a plugin would address these issues or at least include an explanation of how to integrate custom posts into a site in a useful manner.

  13. Is there a way to expose this to registered users? And once they register, they don’t see the wp UI, but a custom UI that goes along with the site theme?

    Please let me know how to go abt it.

  14. It seems there’s an issue with Taxonomies whereas when I create a new custom taxonomy it’s in Tag format rather than the Category-like checkboxes. Is there a simple fix for this?

    • There’s an option to enable hierarchy on your custom taxonomy under advanced options. Just enable that and the taxonomy will work like categories.

  15. Hi,

    How do I get the posts created by your plugin to display on a page?


  16. Love the plugin; it beats the hell out of everything else I’ve tried!

    Here’s my modified version of Custom Post Type UI that adds support for Admin Icons and Rewrite Front!

  17. This is actually among the list of much better reports connected with those who Concerning read on that issue nowadays. Wonderful function.

  18. Hi and thanks XXX for this super plugin ! Exactly what I was needing for some News in Brief…

    But my new created post types don’t send RSS…Is it normal ? Is there a fix for this ?
    Cheers …and happy coding !

  19. Gus Benjamin says:

    I think the plug-in would be great if I would be able to get it to work. I simply can’t seem to display the taxonomies, only see the title and the content, like a regular post. The videotutorial, slideshare presentation and written tutorials are too vague or complex for a novice WordPress user. For instance, the slideshare about the Custom Post Type UI plug-in starts with a bunch of code and then suddenly it says something like: “With the plug-in you don’t have to write code??”. I’d like to see a clear, step-by-step tutorial that explains how to use the plug-in to it’s full potential.

  20. Firstly, thanks for this great plugin! It saves me a lot of time. I’m wondering if a version supporting has_archive for 3.1 will be coming out? Or maybe thats in there and I overlooked it?


    • Thanks Danny! v0.7 will include has_archive support and additional parameters. Lots of new features. Soon, I promise! ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Great plugin but after upgrading to wp RC 3.1, i can no longer edit my custom post types created with this plugin. Any ideas?
    I can see the posts of this type but they are non-editable.
    I created a custom post type the long way (functions.php) and it works ok.

    When will v0.7 be released and will it address this issue?

  22. I used this plugin tonight and it didn’t do anything. It just made a post. Nothing happened.

  23. Hey,

    Before I fire away, I must thank you for the great plugin. Unfortunately, I’ve been facing an error lately. I’m not sure if its related to the latest wordpress upgrade that I recently received.

    Everything was fine until after I upgraded to the latest wordpress and then created a new custom post.

    The problem is with this plugin enabled, I cannot access my navigation menu to add or remove items. I get a 404 error. Without the plugin, I don’t have any problems. I installed the GD custom post plugin and that doesn’t have the same issue. I read a few forums but they suggest going into the mysql database and deleting some tables.

    I’ve tried to fix the error by performing the following:
    1) Disabling all plugins and enabling them one after the other. The problem happens only when I activate this one.
    2) Re-installed the latest wordpress.
    3) optimized and repaired my tables.

  24. One more plugin for custom post type building –

  25. This is a saver, I used to create custom post type manually…but recently the theme framework that my client bought does not support custom page template. Good thing I saw this and used this…



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