Announcing! Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Updated 4/1/2016: has relaunched as a new source for premium WordPress plugins and products from WebDevStudios.

I’m really excited to announce my newest venture,! Pluginize is a new service specializing in developing custom plugins for WordPress. Pluginize also specializes in modifying existing WordPress plugins. This can help save development time which in turn saves you money! With prices starting at $100, Pluginize is easily affordable for any WP website. LogoAll plugins developed by Pluginize are released under the GPLv2 software license. Pluginize will also submit any plugin developed to the official Plugin Directory on We’ll even setup a support forum section dedicated to your plugin to handle any support requests that come in.

Pluginize uses our soon to be “Famous 3 Step Process” to make creating a custom plugin as easy as possible. The goal of Pluginize is to create high quality custom plugins for WordPress using an extremely painless process.

We follow the proper WordPress coding standards to verify your plugin is fully compatible with WordPress. We also put a focus on security and verify our custom plugins are as secure as possible. If you are looking for a high quality custom built plugin for WordPress, look no further than!

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  1. Exciting stuff Brad, I’m sure it’ll be a huge success, plus a major benefit for everyone who uses WordPress day-in and day-out for business or personal use! 🙂 Cool name too!

    • Thanks Mark! I’m excited to not only help create custom plugins but also contribute those back to the community. It really is a win-win all around 🙂

  2. Brad,

    The service sounds great. Though your post makes it sound like any plugins you build will be released to the plugin directory. What if it is only wanted for private use and not distribution?

    • All plugins are built under the GPL license, which means they can be released to the public. If the plugin is built for a specific need, and not something many people would find useful, we wouldn’t release the plugin to the public.

      I’ll work on making that clearer in the FAQ

  3. Now I know where to send potential customers when they can’t afford my rates. Love that all plugins will be released under the GPL.

  4. I would like to get some suggestion from you about WordPress trends and Plugins tricks…………….