Professional WordPress Second Edition Reviewers Wanted

My latest WordPress book, Professional WordPress Second Edition, is scheduled for a January 9th release! This book is jam packed with new content for Professional WordPress developers and designers. Every single chapter has been reworked to provide the most current and proper methods for developing and designing in WordPress. We’ve also added some completely new chapters around Custom Post Types, Multisite, and more!

With the release of the new book coming up, we’re looking for passionate WordPress users that would be interested in reviewing the book. Do you like reading technical books? Do you like WordPress? Do you like to blog about it? If so, this job is perfect for you!

The process couldn’t be easier:

  1. We send you a free copy of the new book
  2. You read the new book
  3. You write an online review about the new book

That’s it! Interested? Just leave a comment below expressing your interest and why you’d like to review this book. I’ll choose as many people as I can to be an official reviewer of Professional WordPress Second Edition!

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  1. I know i’m not an A-lister yet in the WP community, but I would love to review the book. I purchased the first one and enjoyed it greatly – would love to see what changes and updates were made.

  2. sure- I would like to help you and provide feedback.

  3. I am currently visiting the idea of creating something similar, more based on usability from a ‘non-techie’ perspective, and this may be right up my alley to where I may not need to do it after all… could just get them to your book!

  4. Count me in! I’d love to review it.

  5. Brad,
    I recently purchased your plugin development book, and it’s great. I actually have your WP Design and I have the Development Book on Pre Order. I’d love to read and review your book for you. I actually recently purchased the domain, which I plan on having a thriving WP Book Community (hopefully).

  6. I really want to learn about that bloggy thing called WordPress. OK… you KNOW I am just kidding!

    Since we’ve talked Army vs. Marines, had a couple beers together, and I am always looking to do more posts on WP resources that are worthwhile, why not send me an autographed book? Hook me up brotha!

  7. I drink beer
    I read book
    I write review

  8. I would love to read the updated version and do a review. I have pretty much all WordPress books and love to continue my learning process on WordPress.

  9. Amy Hendrix says:

    I’m in.

  10. I’d love to write a review, Brad! Let me know and I can tell you where to send it. 🙂

  11. Pick me! Pick me!

    The first version is the BEST WP dev book ever! I have almost worn out my second copy now, and I tell everyone to buy it. Reviewing the new one would be an honor

  12. Hansjoerg Klimetzki says:

    Hi Brad, would be happy to review it and thus give the review an international flavor. I’m sure that Hal would support that, check with him. Great to see that the 2nd edition is out, enjoyed the first edition already and was looking forward to see what you guys have changed. So please consider me as a reviewer. All the best, Hansjoerg

  13. I’ve been looking forward to this update for a while now. I even added the book to my Christmas list. But if you need a review sooner than that, by all means, send it along 🙂

  14. Mahmoud Ilyan says:

    I read the first edition from this book which i bought it from ebooks because the book for me was the only difinitive guide about a lot of topics and i didnt have time to wait for the print edition, and that’s made a trust between me and the author which made me bought WordPress Plugin Development print edition which is must have book for any wordpress developer, and i’m waiting for the 2nd edition to make a must have library for any web developer

  15. I’d love to be counted as a reviewer. I read the 1st edition back when I knew nothing, and now I have an awesome WordPress business. Thanks!

  16. Hi Brad
    sounds like a plan – I’d enjoy reading and reviewing the book!

  17. I’m up for reviewing it. Version 1 really helped me figure out what the hell I’m doing and would love to help the cause!

  18. I’M IN!!! I do have my copy on pre-order! I would like to find out more about wp!

  19. send one my way and I’ll read it up right fast!

  20. I would LOVE to review the book. While I have been a PHP dev for years I am just now getting into WP theme and plugin development – this would be a great opportunity to see how much the book would help out devs with similar experience, etc.

  21. Hey Brad- looks like you’ve got quite a list already but count me in if you have room for more!

    And congrats on the 2nd edition!

  22. Courtney Robertson says:

    Hey Brad, I met you at a few WordCamps and am a podcast subscriber. I look forward to the book release. Thanks for all you do for the WP community.

  23. Fernando Barreto says:

    Hello Brad
    I know you from WordPress Security eBook.
    I downloaded this ebook as an aid to my WP security concerns.
    Yesterday, searching Amazon for WP profissional books I pre-ordered you book 2nd edition to January 2013.
    I am eager to get it.
    Best wishes.
    From Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

  24. I own the book WordPress Plugin Development already and i’d like own this book also. I’m fan of StudioPress themes and i’d like to learn making good Genesis child themes.

  25. I’m developing plugins, most of them not made public yet. I create sites based on WordPress, using child themes and my general WordPress knowledge. I have bought and read the book “WordPress Plugin Development” and was excited about it’s high quality. I have attended a few WordCamps, talked to other plugin developers, and to my surprise, none of them had heard of these excellent books.

    All site developers, advanced users, (child)theme developers and plugin developers should read this book.

    I will be happy to write ans publish a review, both in English and Norwegian.

  26. Hi Brad!, I am suresh, I read the Books Pro WP and Pro WP Plugin Dev, which makes me perfect in WordPress Theme and Plugin Development. I am giving custom functions to WordPress site for all my clients. This tells us how your books are great. I would love to read the 2 edition book and i’ll review it online. Thanks!

  27. I would love to review the new edition. Your Professional WordPress Plugin Development book is probably the most well-loved (i.e. torn-up) book on my shelf. I write custom WordPress themes and plugins for a living, and I would love to review this book!

  28. Surely i’ll read it fast and help to review this book.Good luck!!

  29. I’m not sure if this is too later or not, but I’d certainly be interested kickin’ the tires of your book and crafting a review.

  30. Hi Brad,

    Can I also get in line to review your 2nd editon of Professional WordPress Plugin Development?

    I really need to learn how to take advantage of all the new Media related function calls and API of WP Ver 3.5. I’m struggling with user-facing forms, and Ajax-ized media management.


  31. Hi Brad,
    If you’re still looking for reviewers then I’m definitely interested.

  32. Brad,

    As an Affiliate Marketer and Website Developer, I have a little over 100 websites all WordPress self-hosted. I would love to review the book and obviously recommend to my list. Thank you, Abi

  33. Hi Brad,

    Did you get enough reviewer’s yet? If not, then I would like to participate. I noticed that no one posted any reviews on Amazon. I can assist.


  34. I hope I’m not too late to the party. With over 145 websites all self-hosted, created with I would love to get a copy of your book and will enthusiastically review and comment on it.

    Thank you for the opportunity,