WouldYou72.com: What Would You Do?

By StrangeWork.com: A new site boasts the question “What would you do for 72 hours straight?”. WouldYou72.com is a 72 hour internet game show. If the contestant can withstand a grueling, no sleep, 72 hour session of some predetermined activity they will win the prize of their choice.
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The show is underway with one contestant playing Halo 3 for 72 hours straight. If he can succeed he will win a copy of Halo 3 and an Xbox 360.

WouldYou72.com is a tough challenge. No sleep for 72 hours is hard enough, let alone having to do an activity during that time. It will be interesting to watch this game show evolve as more contests start. Would You 72?

Halo 3.0 meets Web 2.0

By StrangeWork.com: Halo 3 was released this past Tuesday to record sales as most predicted it would be. One of the major improvements for Halo 3 is the player/game data available to the public to view on Bungie.net. Bungie records absolutely every stat imaginable and makes those stats available on their gamer portal.

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Bungie.net tracks every in game stat in real time including total kills by weapon, detailed game history, ranked medal chest awards, and more! Halo 3 ScreenshotOne of the coolest features is the new File Share system. Using the file share system you can easily upload snapshots and videos from your past games to share with the public. Click the thumbnail to view the full size screenshot of me shooting down a banshee last night.

Not only is this fun for the gamer, but a great marketing tool for Halo 3 and Bungie. Gamers are scattering videos and snapshots across the web to show off their Halo abilities. Bungie has done an amazing job expanding Halo 3 to the Web and we can only hope that other game developers take notice.

Halo 3: My Addiction!

So everyone digital knows Halo 3 launches tomorrow. I am one of the million or more gamers out there that has a reserved copy with my name on it in a big box in the back of Best Buy with all his other little buddies.
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This Halo short movie popped up on Digg today and if you haven’t seen it watch it right now!

Watch Halo Short Movie

Just a small taste of what a Halo movie could be! I’ll be gaming it up on Halo 3 for the next few days (gamertag: JohnnyMongoloid)

Game on Master Chief, Game on!