Merry Christmas from Scotland

By I’m writing this blog post from my sister’s house in Carlops, Scotland.

Brad and Dad in ScotlandMy dad and I flew over to visit my sister, brother-in-law, and new niece for Christmas in Scotland this year. We’ve had a great time so far! This is actually my fourth trip to Scotland so I’m somewhat of a pro at it.

At a dinner party last night we met the local neighbors. Shortly into the conversation someone mentioned Facebook, and how that is the only way they can keep tabs on their son. Amazingly everyone, old and young alike, knew of Facebook and most had their own accounts. I never realized how universal Facebook was until that point. It truly is worldwide and growing fast. Pretty amazing really.

Tomorrow we are having a huge Christmas feast at my brother-in-laws parents house and exchanging presents. Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!

Getting Back in the Swing of Blogging LogoBy I’ve been very slow to write new blog posts lately, but with good reason. I’ve been blogging primarily on my company’s blog at Obviously the blog posts are less personal and more focused on news and information related to my company, so I need to get back in to the swing of blogging at StrangeWork.

I also changed the title of this blog. As my life evolves so will this blog, and we have entered a new era for The new blog title is: Life of an Internet Startup

When I first started blogging, almost two years ago, I wrote primarily on web 2.0 news, websites, and industry information. My career has taken an obvious change since leaving and pursuing my own website development company full time in April of this year. This blog will now help me track my progress as the founder of an internet startup company. There will be ups and downs, but I plan to document the knowledge I learn here for all to read.

Expect to see blog posts more frequently as I travel down this bumpy road of an Internet Startup!

My Interview on The Tech Buzz Show

By Yesterday I had the privilege of being interviewed on The Tech Buzz Show, live on I had a great time chatting about web development with Steve and Shawn.

The interview is broke up into three parts and runs about 30 minutes long.

Brad Williams Interview part 1

Brad Williams Interview part 2

Brad Williams Interview part 3

Have you Bookmarked the SitePoint Reference yet?

By StrangeWork: SitePoint launched a new section a couple months ago which is a must bookmark for all web developers out there. Mash a solid reference book on HTML, CSS, and JavScript and you’ll have the SitePoint Reference.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript ReferenceSitePoint launched the CSS Reference in March of 2008, and just last week launched the HTML beta reference!

These reference sites couldn’t be easier to use and cover languages relatable to all web developers including HTML, CSS, and a soon to launch section on JavaScript. You can either search for specific elements or drill down in the easy to navigate categories.

Reference sites and books are great for developers like myself that know how to program, but need help remembering syntax from time to time. Do yourself a favor now and bookmark this site!

From Microsoft to Linux….almost

By As most of you know I am in the process of starting my own Web Development Company in New Jersey. Starting a company takes a lot of work, but of course I knew this going into it. Business is great and we are starting to grow!

PHP LogoI’ve decided to shift focus on my technologies track a little. I’ve always programmed with Microsoft technologies including classic ASP, ASP.NET, VB, SQL Server, etc. I’ve been developing dynamic websites with classic ASP for almost 8 years now and I still love that language. I use ASP.NET occasionally when the project calls for it, but I love scripting languages. I’ve decided to focus my efforts on PHP rather than ASP.NET.

Scripting has always come natural to me, so why focus on a more object-oriented language? Exactly, so from this point on I will be primarily developing in ASP and PHP. The logic is the same as ASP, just different syntax so the switch won’t be too dramatic.

Expect to see some sweet PHP applications rolling out in the coming months!

Once a Marine, Always a Marine

By I had my first boss in the Marine Corps, Chief Warrant Officer Lipscomb, contact me and my business partner Brian today. I haven’t spoken with him in over 7 years!

USMC OOORAH! It was great catching up with him! Officer Lipscomb was the man in charge of Brian and I as we became Web Developers for the 2nd Force Service Support Group at Camp Lejeune. Thus the dynamic programming duo was born!

The Marine Corps was hard, but I’ll always have a deep respect for it. After all, it made me who I am today! I wouldn’t be undertaking this adventure to start a Web Dev company without the leadership and self motivation I gained from the Marines.


Welcome to New Jersey!

By After months of planning I finally made my move to New Jersey!
Moving Truck and CarsIt’s really a site to see your entire life packed in a moving truck. The trip was long and boring, but we made it in about 14 hours. We arrived at 4am and started unloading at 7! HARDCORE!

I have my office all setup and am working toward my dream of running my own company. There is still much to do, but at least the move is behind me. Expect more frequent postings coming soon!

I survived the move

By The warehouse/office move is officially over! outside signThe warehouse servers were shutdown at 4:30pm on Thursday and back online 4 hours later. The warehouse crew spent the weekend moving over all of our products and we were testing shipments by Saturday.

Overall the warehouse move went amazingly well. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. This has been in the planning stages for about 2 months, so it’s very nice to have this done and over with.

I’m looking forward to getting back to my regular blog updates and podcasting. Next up is the BIG move to New Jersey!

One month to go

By Tomorrow marks one month until my move to New Jersey! One month seems like a long time, but in all reality it’s extremely short considering I am picking up my entire life and moving to a new state to start my own company.

Thinks are busy as ever at work as we work on moving to two new buildings. I’m sure you’ve noticed my lack of posts lately, which is due to the move and my Jersey move. After March I will be back to regular posting, but until then it will be sporadic.

The Ultimate CSS Reference from SitePoint

By Today I received my newest book from SitePoint, The Ultimate CSS Reference.

Ultimate CSS Reference from SitePointThe first thing I noticed is the durable hard cover the book is wrapped in. There is something special about a hard cover book, especially when it’s a reference manual!

I’m a huge fan of reference books. Most of us out there know how to use different languages to develop our web sites. What we don’t always know is the correct syntax to make that magic happen. That’s where the reference manual comes in to play.

Of course we all know over time these manuals can take a beating from constant use. That is why I love the hard cover! It’s able to hold together when I launch it across the room in frustration.

Kidding of course! I highly recommend the entire line of SitePoint books for beginner and expert developers alike.