WebDevStudios.com Gets a Face Lift!

By StrangeWork.com: WebDevStudios.com, the New Jersey based software development company I co-founded, just launched a much needed new site design! Not only is the design new, but we also completely changed our website platform to WordPress.

WebDevStudios.com ScreenshotWordPress is a leader in the open source software community, and a perfect fit for what we needed in a content management system.

Yes, I said content management system. WordPress is a great fit for any size company to manage their public website, and can become a powerful CMS with just a few plugins. Since we specialize in open source website development, it only makes sense to practice what we preach.

WordPress also gives us the much needed ability to blog! Thus the Official WebDevStudios.com Blog has launched. This blog will focus more on open source technology news, tips, source code, publicly released WebDevStudios plugins, and more!

Stay tuned as more website updates are sure to follow!

WordPress Weekly Live Tonight with Alex King

By StrangeWork.com: After a break last week for the 4th of July, the WordPress Weekly Podcast returns tonight Friday, July 11th at 10PM EST. Alex King will be joining the podcast for an hour long interview with the gang.

Alex King on WordPress Weekly TonightIf you have ever used WordPress in any fashion then you have probably heard of Alex King. He is responsible for some great contributions to the open-source community including being a founding developer of WordPress and some excellent WordPress plugins and themes.

Alex is also the founder of Crowd Favorite, a web development company who specialize in WordPress development and web-based applications.

As the founder of WebDevStudios, my new web development company who also happens to specialize in using open-source technologies, I’m looking forward to asking Alex a few questions to gain from his experience in the industry.

Make sure to join the WordPress Weekly Podcast LIVE tonight at 10pm EST on TalkShoe.com

WordPress Weekly Episode 22

By StrangeWork.com: Yesterday I joined Jeffro and crew for another episode of the WordPress Weekly Podcast.

WordPress Weekly Episode 22We covered a lot of topics including the release of WordPress 2.6 beta one and the launch of WPForSale.com.

Jeff also announced that he is looking for a co-host. If you are interested in co-hosting a great WordPress podcast make sure you contact him ASAP! Rumor has it there is a nice finders fee! 😛

Be sure to catch the next episode of WordPress Weekly on Friday July 11th when we will be interviewing Alex King of WordPress plugin fame!

Matt Mullenweg LIVE on the WordPress Weekly Podcast Tonight!

By StrangeWork.com: Matt Mullenweg, the founding developer of WordPress, will be on the WordPress Weekly Podcast tonight at 9pm Live!

Matt Mullenweg ProfileMatt will be taking questions from the panel and anyone joining the live podcast. Have a question for Matt? Join in! The show is recording live on TalkShoe.com which allows everyone to participate.

We will be covering a wide range of topics with Matt including WordPress Trademark Usage, Status Updates on all Automattic projects, new updates in WordPress 2.5, and the future of WordPress.

I’m already compiling a list of questions for Matt and am really looking forward to this episode. Be sure to catch the show live tonight at 9pm EST on TalkShoe.com!

WordPress Weekly Episode 7

By StrangeWork.com: After a busy couple weekends I was able to once again be a panel member on the WordPress Weekly Podcast.

WordPress Weekly PodcastThis week Jeff interviewed Tommy from Buzzdroid, the creator of the Shifter WordPress theme aka the WordPress theme killer.

We also covered a variety of topics including the importance of keeping your WordPress install current, the trustworthiness of themes and theme creators, and our favorite/worst theme trends.

Be sure to catch the show live Friday nights at 9pm EST on TalkShoe.com!

WordPress Weekly Episode 4

By StrangeWork.com: WordPress Weekly Episode 4 is up on TalkShoe.com.

WordPress Weekly Podcast I have to admit that this was our best show yet! We were joined by Charles Stricklin, who is the host and producer of The WordPress Podcast.

We also had the honor of having the author of WordPress for Dummies, Lisa Sabin-Wilson, in our chat room during the show! She plans on joining us for a future show, but didn’t have a working mic at the time of recording.

I would have posted this sooner, but good ‘ol Comcast went out at my house so I was internetless over the weekend. Bummer.

If you haven’t listened to WordPress Weekly yet, give it a shot. You’re bound to learn something! Be sure to catch the show live Friday nights at 9pm EST on TalkShoe.com!

WordPress Weekly Episode 3

By StrangeWork.com: WordPress Weekly Episode 3 is up on TalkShoe.com.

WordPress Weekly PodcastI wasn’t able to make the show this week, but Jeff and company did a great job covering a slew of hot WordPress topics.

The show notes have been posted with a list of topics covered on this weeks show. David Peralty, from bloggingpro.com, joined the panel this week and offered some great discussion.

WordPress Weekly is a valuable podcast for anyone interested in WordPress as a blogging platform.

Be sure to catch the show live Friday nights at 9pm EST on TalkShoe.com!

WordPress Weekly Podcast episode 2 Live Tonight!

By StrangeWork.com: Tonight we are recording the second episode of the WordPress Weekly Podcast LIVE on TalkShoe.com.

WordPress Weekly PodcastWe had a great time recording last weeks episode and expect an even better episode this week! This week we will have the same cast of Jeff from Jeffro2pt0, Ronald from The Reader Appreciation Project, and myself.

Jeff has posted a list of topics we plan on covering and I’m sure we will discuss a few topics not listed. If you’re interested in blogging, already a blogger, or a seasoned vet on the front lines of blogging than this podcast is for you! This show is for everyone with an interest in WordPress and blogging in general.

Be sure to join us for the live recording at 9pm ET tonight on TalkShoe.com!

How to Monetize Your Blog by MomsCashBlog.com

By StrangeWork.com: I noticed Mom from Moms Cash Blog stopped by the site. I submitted my site to be listed on her Wall of Fame and she posted it today!

MyBlogLog VisitorsMom, aka Krysti, has a daily show on Justin.tv during the week. Her show focuses on making money on your blog/site. I have to be honest, at first I thought it was a typical “get rich quick” site. I was nicely surprised.

Krysti enjoys helping others out. She has a ton of great information on how bloggers can start to monetize their sites. Her show offers tips, links, resources, and personal experience lessons for free! Her show is invaluable to the beginning bloggers looking to start float through the blogosphere.

To get a taste of her shows check out the Archive of MomsCashBlog on Justin.tv.

How to Get More Blog Traffic: BlogRush.com

By StrangeWork.com: After reading Jeff’s post about BlogRush.com, I decided to give it a shot. To be honest this is the first I’ve heard of BlogRush.

BlogRush.com LogoBlogRush is basically a widget for your blog that shows related blog posts from the blogosphere. So what’s the benefit? BlogRush will display your new blog post links inside their widget on other related blogs. In theory this should send a surge of traffic to your blog whenever you publish a new blog post.

It seems most smaller blogs aren’t seeing as much of a surge in traffic as they would like. BlogRush launched to the public about a week ago, so this really doesn’t surprise me. This type of widget takes time to build a strong user base. I’m sure MyBlogLog faced the same scepticism when they launched, but look how mainstream they are now.

I’m going to give BlogRush some real estate on my sidebar. I’ll be sure to post a follow-up with my BlogRush stats once I have some solid numbers to share.