The Future of Mobile Web by Brad Williams

By I had the privilege of giving a presentation on The Future of Mobile Web at BarCamp Indy yesterday. I also gave a quick demonstration of my new startup Below is the video of my presentation. You can download my PowerPoint here. Weekend recap to follow. Enjoy!

Worky Work Busy Bee

By I’m busy, if that wasn’t already obvious. I’m in the early stages of moving the entire warehouse from location A to location B, so as you can imagine things are pretty busy for me at work.

I’m also very busy working on and We’ve been hard at work on big updates most recently with the launch of the SnapFoo Bebo Application.

I also have a couple big events coming up I’m preparing for. First I will be attending Startup Weekend Bloomington, which is the weekend of February 8th. Second is BarCamp Indianapolis on Saturday February 9th, where I will be giving a presentation on The Future of Mobile Web.

February is shaping up to be a busy month, but I would much rather be busy than bored! Updates

By I wanted to post a quick update about We have begun sending out invites to a small group of friends. Logo
We have also launched the official SnapFoo Blog to help keep everyone informed of our progress.

If all goes as planned (and it probably won’t) we hope to start blasting out invites in the coming weeks so get on the list! was recently discussed on the Alternageek Podcast so be sure to check that out!

Here’s a sneak peak of the new slogan for SnapFoo which will be splattered all over merchandise when we launch!

Foo You -


Project X has been named,! We are well into the development stage of creating I know there are still many programming nights ahead, but I feel really strongly about this new project. My lips are still sealed on any specifics, but there will be more info to come soon.

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