Announcing! Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Updated 4/1/2016: has relaunched as a new source for premium WordPress plugins and products from WebDevStudios.

I’m really excited to announce my newest venture,! Pluginize is a new service specializing in developing custom plugins for WordPress. Pluginize also specializes in modifying existing WordPress plugins. This can help save development time which in turn saves you money! With prices starting at $100, Pluginize is easily affordable for any WP website. LogoAll plugins developed by Pluginize are released under the GPLv2 software license. Pluginize will also submit any plugin developed to the official Plugin Directory on We’ll even setup a support forum section dedicated to your plugin to handle any support requests that come in.

Pluginize uses our soon to be “Famous 3 Step Process” to make creating a custom plugin as easy as possible. The goal of Pluginize is to create high quality custom plugins for WordPress using an extremely painless process.

We follow the proper WordPress coding standards to verify your plugin is fully compatible with WordPress. We also put a focus on security and verify our custom plugins are as secure as possible. If you are looking for a high quality custom built plugin for WordPress, look no further than!

Bloomington Startup Weekend Starts February 8th

By Startup Weekend is coming back to Indiana! This time making a stop at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.

Startup Weekend Bloomington IndianaStartup Weekend Bloomington will take place on the weekend of February 8th-10th. This will mark the second Startup Weekend of the year. Tickets for the event are $20 and go towards covering event expenses.

I had the opportunity to attend Startup Weekend West Lafayette back in October of last year. I was only able to participate for one day, but had a great time working on

Unfortunately Startup Weekend is scheduled directly over BarCamp Indianapolis this year so I will not be able to attend on Saturday, but I am planning on participating Friday to again experience the madness that is Startup Weekend!

Rumor has it that Andrew Hyde, the founder of Startup Weekend, might make an appearance at BarCamp Indy on Saturday if he comes to town! Be sure to send him a few hundred emails to ensure he makes it!

Startup Weekend Launches New Podcast: Startup the Show

By recently launched a new podcast called Startup the Show.
Startup the Show Podcast
Hosted by Andrew Hyde of and Rana Sobhany of, Startup the Show will discuss startups, culture and business. They will also be interviewing many founders of companies from their startup weekend adventures. New episodes will be released three times a week from various Startup Weekend locations.

After listening to their first full episode it’s obvious there is a great chemistry between the two hosts that should equate into a great show! Be sure to tune in for each episode, I know I will!

Who knows, maybe they will have me on someday to talk SnapFoo!

TechCrunch40 Conference Starts Today

By The TechCrunch40 conference kicks off today in San Francisco. Logo

TechCrunch40 is a conference put together by internet drama king Jason Calacanis. They have selected 40 of the hottest startups to demo their products to a panel of experts over a 2 day period.

TechCrunch40 also has a DemoPit allowing an additional 100 startups to show of their goods to potential investors. One choosen startup will receive a cool $50,000 as well as additional goodies from their corporate sponsors.

Once again Calacanis has gone against the norm by making this conference completely free for all startups involved. I can only hope that next year I can make it to this event. Imagine, someone not trying to profit from startups. Amazing! Monthly Web 2.0 Goodies Logo
By Do you wish you could get some cool Web 2.0 merchandise, but don’t live anywhere near a coastline? No problem thanks to a new site

StartupSchwag is basically a Web 2.0 t-shirt of the month club. For a small fee of $19.55, which includes the standard $14.95 fee and $4.60 for shipping, you will receive a Silicon Valley related t-shirt and probably a bunch of random stickers, chochkis, etc. At this time the t-shirt is the only guaranteed item each month.

This is a great service for web enthusiasts such as myself that live far away from all of the Web 2.0 action. I signed up and should be receiving my first t-shirt sometime in October. Who doesn’t like to see a package on their doorstep after work with mystery Web 2.0 gear inside? Keep Receipts Organized

By Do you shop online? Of course you do, who doesn’t these days? Welcome to the scene. Shoeboxed is a new startup with a pretty clever idea: organizing and tracking your online shopping receipts. Logo
After a quick registration Shoeboxed will provide you with an email address that you can use at online stores when you place orders or sign up for newsletters. Shoeboxed will then automatically organize any receipts, newsletters, and correspondence received from these websites.

Shoeboxed also allows you to create groups or “shoe boxes” for even more organization. What about my offline receipts you ask? No problem with a new feature just released allowing you to upload any receipts directly from your PC. Circle LogoShoeboxed is a very nice tool for the avid online shopper. Staying organized is a crucial component to life in general and is here to help.

What’s the easiest way for me to judge a startups chance of survival? Look at how happy their employees are. How to launch and die simultaneously

By Blogosphere chatter can make or break a new startup in this Web 2.0 world. Web startups are always looking for press to help promote their new site to the world, but bad press can quickly run a startup straight into the ground. Logo has accomplished just that. Apparently a few days after signing up Quechup will blast your address book with invites to their site, without asking your permission! The negative effect created from this shady practice is amazing.

A Google search for “Quechup” returns 9 results slamming Quechup for spamming. The only result that doesn’t pertain to spamming is the actual search result.

Startup Tip: Don’t spam PERIOD! Of course even the town idiot knows this, but apparently Quechup is another startup ran by clueless executives who have no real grasp of what the web is. I bet they are learning quick. Find Interesting People

Welcome to, a quick and efficient way of finding and tracking interesting people. logoGleamd allows users to add interesting people to their database and then rank people based on how interesting they are with a “Digg” style voting button. This is what sets Gleamd apart from sites like Wink or Spock.

Gleamd also gives members the ability to post comments about specific people on their profile. This feature might not fair well for people with a few enemies, but only time will tell.

Gleamd was developed by Matt McInerney, who I have been following for a few months now on Twitter.

Overall Gleamd is a pretty entertaining site. It is still in a very early stage of life, but I’m sure Gleamd will have a bright future ahead of it. Find and Share Web Applications

Finding new web applications online can be a tricky task. With hundreds launching daily how is it possible to keep up? has the answer. With over 5000 web applications in their catalog, aims to make finding new cool web applications easier than ever! logo
SimpleSpark takes the catalog idea and wraps in some nice web 2.0 features, such as the ability to share web applications with friends. Apps are organized by their respective categories including New web apps, iPhone apps, and even Wii apps!

SimpleSpark is a great promotional tool for startups looking to spread the buzz about their new site. What’s not to love about a site that helps us developers promote our products? Sharing Bills Made Easy

At one point or another most of us have had to put up with a roommate. Whether it be in the dorm room at college, the barracks in the military, or an apartment building, having a roommate is a great way to help bring down your cost of living. logo

Billshare is a simple web application for sharing bills with roommates, family members, or anyone. Simply create a free account and load in your bills and users. Billshare will split your bills however you like and keep track of who owes what.

Billshare features some pretty catchy stats and charts to visually show who is slacking on their payments. You can also view payment history, expense tracking, and even communicate easily with members of your group.

The real question is how long until we see on Judge Judy to settle a roommate payment dispute?