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Leave 2007, it’s 2008’s turn!

By And here we are at another year down. It was a good year all around, but I’m looking forward to 2008.

End of the YearI have a bunch of great projects in the works for 2008 that should make for a fun year! I hope to be announcing some shortly after the new year. is growing steadily. Being in beta using the invite only method is a great help in scaling the launch. is making a comeback with a soon to be launched FaceBook app.

I have a couple podcasting gigs in the works. No details yet, but soon…very soon!

Here’s to you and yours this New Years! I hope all the best for you in 2008! RAWK!

End of the year dash!

By Well it’s almost a new year and I’m in my usual dash to the finish line. I’m always real busy this time of year.

Me, My Dad, and Da Raiders!I just returned from my Oakland trip with my Dad. We went to the Raiders vs. Colts game on Sunday and witnessed magic! The Raiders held their own! Course we all know Real Mean Wear Black right?

I recently passed my one year of blogging mark. My first post was on Dec 5, 2006 about my innovator goal. Still working on it.

An Interactive Hotties Network Facebook app has begun development. It’s about half-way there.

I won’t be posting as frequently until after the new year, but I’ll be right back in the thick of it for 2008!

Be sure to show support for Susan Reynolds. Amazing show of support from Twitter and Flickr.

If you’re going to San Francisco, what should you do?

By besides wearing flowers in your hair? Ok that was a bad Scott McKenzie reference. I’m leaving tomorrow morning for sunny Oakland/San Francisco for a mini-vacation with my Dad. The main reason for our trip is to watch the Oakland Raiders smash the Indianapolis Colts. Of course by “smash” I mean “get slaughtered by”, but being able to watch the Raiders play at HOME will be an amazing experience regardless of the game outcome.

Oakland Raiders LogoI’ve been a Raiders fan since I was 12 years old watching Bo Jackson shred defenses, but have never witnessed the Raiders play at home. I was always the fan rooting for the Raiders when they played the Colts in Indianapolis. Well no longer!

So back to my original question. What should I do in Oakland, San Francisco, or Palo Alto? Are there any spots I have to visit? As a web 2.0 junkie this is a pretty significant trip. Some of the top websites call Palo Alto home and I would hate to miss some of the top spots simply because I don’t know of them.

So let’s hear it. Where should I go? What should I do? Any top restaurants? Comment away!

IT Indianapolis Peer Group Meeting Live Streaming Tonight!

By Tonight I will be attending the second meeting of the IT Indianapolis Peer Group! Pat O’Day, the CTO of BlueLock, will be presenting his VM World conference presentation for us.

VM World Presentation Information “As one of the only 100% Virtualized Service Providers in the country, BlueLock has a unique and detailed perspective on many of the myths and realities of running virtual environments. Pat O’Day is BlueLock’s Chief Technology Officer and the architect responsible for the environments running in BlueLock’s facility today.”

Should be a great presentation. I’m looking forward to learning more about virtualization, more specifically virtualizing database servers and any performance issues that might come of it. Be sure to tune in tonight at 5:30pm EST for the live stream via

Ustream.TV link:

Startup Weekend Launches New Podcast: Startup the Show

By recently launched a new podcast called Startup the Show.
Startup the Show Podcast
Hosted by Andrew Hyde of and Rana Sobhany of, Startup the Show will discuss startups, culture and business. They will also be interviewing many founders of companies from their startup weekend adventures. New episodes will be released three times a week from various Startup Weekend locations.

After listening to their first full episode it’s obvious there is a great chemistry between the two hosts that should equate into a great show! Be sure to tune in for each episode, I know I will!

Who knows, maybe they will have me on someday to talk SnapFoo!

Here Comes Another Bubble Video

By I had to share this new Web 2.0 Bubble Bursting music video made by Richter Scales that was recently released. Absolutely hilarious!

“launch party, nicely dressed, what’s the use, sausage fest”

The Crunchies Awards are Open for Nominations

By The Crunchies Awards are now open for nominations.
Crunchies Award Badge 2007
This is the first year for the Crunchies, which is a collaboration project between GigaOm, Read/WriteWeb, VentureBeat and TechCrunch. The Crunchies is a competition and awards ceremony to “recognize and celebrate the most compelling startups, internet and technology innovations of the year.”

Nominations are open now until December 12th at midnight PST. Some of the categories include Best new start-up of 2007, Best bootstrapped start-up, Best use of viral marketing, Best use of viral marketing, and more!

With four of the biggest powerhouses in the industry coming together, the Crunchies are guaranteed to be a huge hit and something we will all strive to be a part of!

Make sure to get your nominations in today!

BarCamp Indianapolis Tech Conference

By I’ve challenged myself with a new mission. I want to help bring technology to Indianapolis. Sure we have technology companies here, but no conferences, no meet-ups, no events period. So I began my search and guess what I found?

Scott Wilder is working on organizing the first ever BarCamp in Indianapolis. What is BarCamp? In their own words:
BarCamp Indianapolis Logo
BarCamp is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from participants.

Basically BarCamp is an “unconference” where all attendees must also contribute.

This is exactly the type of event I wanted to help get organized. I’m going to lend myself to helping out in anyway I can.

If your interested in attending BarCamp Indianapolis be sure to join the site and show your support.

How to Monetize Your Blog by

By I noticed Mom from Moms Cash Blog stopped by the site. I submitted my site to be listed on her Wall of Fame and she posted it today!

MyBlogLog VisitorsMom, aka Krysti, has a daily show on during the week. Her show focuses on making money on your blog/site. I have to be honest, at first I thought it was a typical “get rich quick” site. I was nicely surprised.

Krysti enjoys helping others out. She has a ton of great information on how bloggers can start to monetize their sites. Her show offers tips, links, resources, and personal experience lessons for free! Her show is invaluable to the beginning bloggers looking to start float through the blogosphere.

To get a taste of her shows check out the Archive of MomsCashBlog on

The Power of the Blog – Travelocity Listened

By Some of you may remember my recent rant about Travelocity. Well I’m happy to report that today my girlfriend received an email from the complaint department stating they would issue her a full refund AND give her a free one night stay at a hotel of equal value. Wow!

I’m quick to rant on a company that has shady practices, but I’m also just as quick to write about a company righting a wrong. Travelocity did the right thing and refunded the full amount for the hotel room that we didn’t stay in. Was it because of my blog post? I’d like to think my rant played a part in their change of heart. After all I did send them the link.

It’s customer service like this that can help companies survive. I vowed never to use them again, but after the way they handled my complaint I will be using Travelocity for my future travel plans.

You won me back Travelocity. Good play!