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December 2006

Controversy is king

I’m sure you’ve all heard the popular saying “Content is king.” Well I honestly believe Controversy is king. They say in business there is no such thing as bad press. Is that true? Maybe. Let’s look at a couple different examples. Let’s say that plans on having a “Saddam is Dead” sale when he […]

RSS feeds are a necessity

Why don’t more sites offer RSS feeds? I’m completely amazed by the number of sites lacking an RSS feed. Do you not want your content to get out there? Do you not want more traffic to your site? Why would you not syndicate your articles? I know the most common excuse to this question: “We […]

Survivor is for suckers!

I just finished watching the season finale of Survivor. I’ve enjoyed the show since Rupert was on and this year was actually better than usual. Did you know that the contestants that don’t win still get money? I found this chart online: Winner, $1,000,000 Runner-up, $100,000 3rd, $85,000 4th, $70,000 5th, $55,000 6th, $45,000 7th, […]

Moving right along

I’ve been working on the new functionality. It is coming together very nicely! I wrote a script that will index RSS feeds every 10 minutes from the major news outlets in the state of Indiana. You can view a full list of sites I am indexing and how many articles I have indexed here: […]

Web 2.0 and Me

It’s late and I just finished up programming for about 4 hours straight. I’ve been doing a lot of research on Web 2.0. The term has been out there for awhile now, but it’s really just starting to sink in for me on what exactly it means for the internet. This chart really helped me […]

Google Webmaster Tools vs. Yahoo Site Explorer

I thought I would write about my recent experiences with submitting a new site I’ve been working on with the friend. The site I will be discussing is We launched the site on November 15th of this year. November 17th – submitted sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools. December 5th – submitted sitemap to Yahoo […]

How to Delete “Access Denied” files

Brad’s interesting tip of the week: Have you ever tried to delete a file, be it a virus or spyware file, and no matter what you try you receive an “Access Denied” error? Well I had that exact same problem with a pesky virus on my warehouse server. Norton, McAfee, and two other virus programs […]

Myers-Briggs Personality Type Test

I was reading through digg and came across the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Test. The test takes about 10 minutes to complete. And here is my career path result: ENTJ – Business executives, CEOs, organization founders, business administrators, managers, entrepeneurs, judges, lawyers, computer consultants, university professors, politicians, credit investigators, labor relations worker, marketing department manager, mortgage […]

Good and Bad Computer Karma

I’ve always felt there is computer karma. Some people are born with good computer karma and some with bad computer karma. There are certain people who are the black sheeps in the computer world. No matter what they do they just have bad luck with computers. These are the users who manage to get errors […]

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