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September 2007

Halo 3.0 meets Web 2.0

By Halo 3 was released this past Tuesday to record sales as most predicted it would be. One of the major improvements for Halo 3 is the player/game data available to the public to view on Bungie records absolutely every stat imaginable and makes those stats available on their gamer portal. view my […] Free Online Language Learning

By Looking for an easy free online way to learn a foreign language? is the site you’ve been looking for! I decided to give “Spanish for English Speakers” a shot. uses a flash based teaching tool with a massive library of lessons. Spanish for English Speakers has 103 lessons with 50-80 slides […]

Upgraded Blog to WordPress 2.3

By After reading Jeff’s WordPress upgrade post I decided to take the plunge and upgrade my blog to WordPress 2.3. As always WordPress has made this process extremely easy. Simply follow their online instructions and you shouldn’t have a problem. One small annoyance, which was changed a few versions ago, is the removal of […]

Halo 3: My Addiction!

So everyone digital knows Halo 3 launches tomorrow. I am one of the million or more gamers out there that has a reserved copy with my name on it in a big box in the back of Best Buy with all his other little buddies. This Halo short movie popped up on Digg today and […] Live from New York

By is back at it again, this time in New York City. If you read my previous post on Startup Weekend then you already familiar with them. The concept is simple, get as many professionals as you can in a room for a weekend and create a startup! This weekend they have decided […]

How to Get More Blog Traffic:

By After reading Jeff’s post about, I decided to give it a shot. To be honest this is the first I’ve heard of BlogRush. BlogRush is basically a widget for your blog that shows related blog posts from the blogosphere. So what’s the benefit? BlogRush will display your new blog post links inside […]

Talk Like a Pirate Spreads Quickly in Web 2.0

By Yesterday was International Talk Like a Pirate Day and boy was it big in the Web 2.0 world this year. It seemed everywhere you looked there was a Pirate themed logo, Pirate jokes, and more ARRRS than you wanted to read. Flickr changed their logo for the day and Meebo introduced new pirate […] Manage Your Money Online

By Looking for a web 2.0 way to organize your finances? Look no further than Mint takes the effort out of money managing with their unique online tools. The biggest draw to is the simplicity of it. After creating a user account simply enter your banks online login information. then connects […]

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