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August 2007

Stolen Blog Content

By There is nothing in this world more frustrating then someone stealing your blog content. Even worse is when the site stealing your content also steals your search engine placement and you, the original author, gets bumped off the SERPs for duplicate content. This happened to me recently for my post Free Motorola Q […] Find Interesting People

Welcome to, a quick and efficient way of finding and tracking interesting people. Gleamd allows users to add interesting people to their database and then rank people based on how interesting they are with a “Digg” style voting button. This is what sets Gleamd apart from sites like Wink or Spock. Gleamd also gives […]

Halloween by Rob Zombie

Friday, August 31st marks the date the new Halloween movie reaches theaters. Halloween is easily my favorite movie series of all time, so you can image the excitement I have about the new film. I also happen to be a pretty big Rob Zombie fan as well! I’ve seen Rob perform twice live and enjoyed […] Find and Share Web Applications

Finding new web applications online can be a tricky task. With hundreds launching daily how is it possible to keep up? has the answer. With over 5000 web applications in their catalog, aims to make finding new cool web applications easier than ever! SimpleSpark takes the catalog idea and wraps in some nice […]

Xbox 360 repaired and returned

My Xbox 360 repair journey has come to an end. I received my Xbox 360 back from Microsoft support last Friday. It took a total of 19 days from the initial call to receiving my Xbox back and working. It was very apparent that Microsoft has spent a lot of money on the repair process. […]

BTK Killer works at UHAUL

I rented a truck from UHAUL the other day to move a new TV I just purchased. While filling out the paperwork I happened to notice the General Manager’s business card on the counter. I was shocked when I looked at his picture! It’s the BTK Killer! With a new haircut and a different style […] Free Online Classifieds

Welcome to the world of FREE online classifieds! is just that, a free online classifieds site in the style of I first learned of when they partnered with the local NBC affiliate here in Indianapolis. What makes differ from you ask? Simple. They focus on one function: Classified ads. Users […] Web Page Technology Profiler

Have you ever been a little curious as to what technologies are used to develop a certain web site? answers just that! Simply enter a URL and BuiltWith will provide information on Analytics and Tracking, Framework, Widgets, Encoding, and anything else they can determine. seems to be fairly accurate, however it stumbles on […]

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