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June 2007

FREE Indianapolis Tech Support

You heard me right! I am now offering FREE Indianapolis Tech Support through my new website Make sure to check out the live chat room and support web cam I setup too! Project X is still moving forward although it’s morphed a bit. Don’t they always though? Williams out.

Project X

Work has begun on Project X. I can’t say too much about the my new secret project, but I can give a few hints: Project X is for web developers Project X utilizes the Google API Project X has not been done before Development shouldn’t take too long before the beta goes live. Will it […]

I’ve been working on developing a new site the last few days. I’ve created the first real-time Twitter Search Engine called indexes tweets from the public timeline and indexes them for search. This approach makes is much easier to find like minded friends on Twitter! Twitter is a fairly new concept (launched October […]


I watched Serenity over the weekend and I was very impressed! I’ve had a few friends tell me about the series Firefly, which Serenity was based off of, but I hadn’t gotten around to watching it. I was channel surfing and Serenity was on HBO Saturday so I decided to watch it.If you have not […]

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Brad Williams is a computer programmer and tech junkie who enjoys exploring technology and sharing his knowledge and experience with others.


CEO of WebDevStudiosMaintainn, and Pluginize. Co-author of Professional WordPress and Professional WordPress Plugin Development.


Brad resides in Philadelphia.


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