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March 2007

Green Beer

There is something strangely fun about drinking green beer all night. You have to love seeing everyones lips, teeth, and tongue bright green by the end of the night. Of course the next day it doesn’t look as good, but that’s what makes it special. It only happens once a year!

Fire Rules!

I was driving downtown to restart one of my servers when I came up on an accident that had just happened. The firetruck just beat me there, but check out these great pictures I got from my new Motorola Q cell phone! I’m surprised I didn’t crash taking these pictures, but I do have mad […]

Best banner ad ever!

I was surfing a site tonight and saw this ad displayed: so of COURSE the inner geek in me told me to click this ad, and guess where it took me…….to a University of Phoenix form allowing me to sign up for information on College classes! Whoever came up with that idea deserves a FAT […]

dropship site

Here I am again already planning another website. You would think after 10 I would stop and be too busy for another one, but that’s just not me now is it? Of course not! My next endeavor is going to be a dropship website. A dropship site is basically selling someone elses product on your […]

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Who is Brad?

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Brad Williams is a computer programmer and tech junkie who enjoys exploring technology and sharing his knowledge and experience with others.


CEO of WebDevStudiosMaintainn, and Pluginize. Co-author of Professional WordPress and Professional WordPress Plugin Development.


Brad resides in Philadelphia.


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