I have nothing to say

I’ve been extremely busy lately and haven’t had a chance to write any new posts. Here are a couple tidbits to feed your Brad hunger.

Jeff just launched a new forum on his site so go get registered and start posting!

I just launched permalinks on SnapFoo:

and RSS feeds:

That’s all for now! Expect more posts as soon as things calm down a bit.

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  1. Just imagine how much busier we’ll all be once the middle -end of November rolls around. Tis the season!

  2. I don’t even want to think about Christmas season yet haha hard enough to stay caught up on projects as it is!

  3. Man… this is one crap Christmas. I need to find a new job and move houses. 🙁

    And worst of all… in Sydney you get no damn snow. What’s a Christmas with no snow?

  4. Maybe you can have a sand storm and pretend the sand is snow 😛