1. hi,

    awesome tip ! thanx a lot for sharing this ! i was looking for something like that for ages 🙂 never thougth saving the taxonomies meta datas to wp_options table in association with the term id…

    as i need this kind of feature in many projects (till now i was doing horrible twiks to achive that sort of things…) i’m just playing with it right now 🙂

    so i thought i should share with your other readers (for sure you’re already aware of what i’m going to say 🙂 that to clean up the data base on terms deletion you may use something like that :

    Thanxs again !


  2. Hi Brad,

    I’m trying to do something like this for taxonomy terms… but with more meta data… do you have any ideas how to pull that one off? I’d like to add at least 4 new fields and an image for each taxonomy term…

  3. So how would we actually USE the values that we store like this, in say, a WordPress post or page?

    • actually, if you could enhance the sample plugin with code on how to do this for more than one additional option per category (stored in wp_options as an array) I would be over the moon.

  4. Thanks For the tip Brad,
    Just a quick note, I saw this implemented in WP e-Commerce for product Categories in 3.8, and noticed the alignment was off we fixed it by removing the and td’s and replacing it with
    Could just be something we did, but thought I’ll leave a note..


  5. thanks brad!

  6. This tutorial has been very helpful for me… Thank you so much!

  7. Brad, with your very helpful example, I was able to get started on a helper class to aid developers with adding meta data to taxonomies and other useful features. Early release on github … WPAlchemy_Taxonomy.

  8. Hi, thanx for this tipp, you saved my life. I found out, that the code and the plugin you provide did not work with my theme on wordpress 3.0.4.:

    Its because you use “edit_category_form_fields” instead of ” category_add_form_fields”

  9. Dan LaManna says:

    Great post! Really helps since the codex currently doesn’t have documentation on the form_fields hooks, or the edited_term hooks. Thanks again for the solution!

  10. Is it possible to store letters as well as numbers using this? When I try to input anything but a number, it doesn’t store the data.