Pre-Order Professional WordPress Third Edition

Professional WordPress Third Edition has been officially completed and is available for pre-order on Amazon!

Professional WordPress 3rd editionEvery chapter in this new edition of the book has been completely updated for WordPress 4.1. The book also features two brand new chapters: WordPress as an Application Framework and Migrating to WordPress.

I couldn’t be happier to hear the response we’ve received from the previous two editions. This book has truly helped people around the world learn and understand WordPress development and design. If you are just starting to learn WordPress, or are an experienced developer or designer, this book has something for you. The Professional WordPress series is the highest rated advanced WordPress book on the market.

The book is scheduled to be released on January 26th, 2015. Make sure you pre-order your copy of Professional WordPress Third Edition today!

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  1. Any chance there’s a coupon for an under-employed web dev?

  2. Best WP book I’ve read. You don’t need to read it back-to-back though, it’s also an excellent reference to look up stuff you’re not sure about.

  3. Hello,
    Great work! I did love this book because it helped me to understand WordPress core and how development in WordPress.
    When the third edition will release for e-book format?