WordCamp Indy Needs to Happen

If you aren’t familiar with a WordCamp, it’s defined as “an informal, community-organized events that are put together by WordPress users”. WordCamps are amazing events for all types of WordPress users. Whether you’re an avid blogger, or advanced developer, a good WordCamp will have something for you.

Indiana has never had a WordCamp. Being a WordPress fanboy, and born and raised in Indiana, this makes me extremely sad. Most major cities in the United States have had multiple WordCamps at this point, but sadly Indiana hasn’t had a single one. This needs to change.

WordCampIndy.org and the @WordCampIndy Twitter account have been squatted on for years by a company called WatershedStudio. They stated planning for WordCamp Indy was underway back in 2008, but the event never happened. I would really love to see WordCamp Central put some pressure on the owners of the site and Twitter account to hand them over to someone who will actually help organize an event.

The one thing that WordCamp Indy really needs is a leader to step up and take charge. I am willing to support a WordCamp Indy as much as possible. I will sponsor, apply to speak, help volunteer, and promote the event to the entire WordPress Community. The one thing I can’t do is help organize, because that responsibility should fall on locals.

Are you interested in seeing a WordCamp Indy happen? Leave a comment and let’s make WordCamp Indy a reality!

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  1. Would love to see one in Indiana, although it would be named by city rather than state I would assume technically it might be “WordCamp Indianapolis”. I never been to Indiana. Would love to support and promote this as well.

    I assume effort has been made to reach out to WatershedStudio? Also, what’s the situation with the local meetup groups and who is managing? If anything is going to start, that’s ground zero.

  2. A huge plus one from this Hoosier. I too pledge to sponsor, volunteer, speak, and promote.

  3. Hey Brad – I would really love to involved in organizing this event. I’m a lifelong Hoosier, and I grew up in Indianapolis. Problem is I haven’t lived there for more than twenty years. I’m over an hour away in West Lafayette, so when it comes to finding location/etc I’ll be at a loss.

    I am frequently mocked by my friends and family for my hyper-organization, so I think I could definitely contribute if there was someone local at the helm. Just tell me who I need to talk to. 🙂


    • Amy – in cases like this, a good plan of action is to visit the local meetup and see if you can find like minded folks to help the cause. Hopefully there will be someone local to Indianapolis who is willing to be the location liaison, and from there THE WORLD!

      • It does look like there are some WordPress meet-ups in Indy, but I haven’t been to any. It’s a fairly long drive for a meet-up considering I’d be on the road longer than the meet-up would last.

  4. As a former Hoosier, I’d love to come and support a WordCamp Indy.

  5. I would love to see WordCamp here in Indy!

  6. Gini Deaton says:

    Would love to see a WordCamp in Indy! I just attended one in Dayton, OH since it was closest one to me but Indy would be great too! Hope this happens.

  7. Just adding another name to the list of people would love to see a WordCamp in Indy – would be willing to volunteer and help organize!

  8. Brad, I’d recommend reaching out to Doug Karr or Bryant Tutterow at DKNewMedia.com in Indy. They’ve been doing a number of meetups and are very interested in seeing this happen as well.

  9. We’re absolutely interested in getting this initiative launched!

  10. Brad, we’re working on it as we speak!