The Ultimate CSS Reference from SitePoint

By Today I received my newest book from SitePoint, The Ultimate CSS Reference.

Ultimate CSS Reference from SitePointThe first thing I noticed is the durable hard cover the book is wrapped in. There is something special about a hard cover book, especially when it’s a reference manual!

I’m a huge fan of reference books. Most of us out there know how to use different languages to develop our web sites. What we don’t always know is the correct syntax to make that magic happen. That’s where the reference manual comes in to play.

Of course we all know over time these manuals can take a beating from constant use. That is why I love the hard cover! It’s able to hold together when I launch it across the room in frustration.

Kidding of course! I highly recommend the entire line of SitePoint books for beginner and expert developers alike. CSS Anthology Book

There is nothing quite as magical as seeing a package on your door step after work. Yesterday I received my new SitePoint book The CSS Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks.
CSS Anthology Book
What great timing too! I’ve been working on increasing my knowledge of CSS for some new projects I’ve been working on. With just my initial flip through of the book I can already tell this book is jam packed with valuable knowledge.

SitePoint has an entire line of well written books covering everything from web design to developing database driven web applications.

It’s always a challenge to stay ahead of the technology curb, but Sitepoint is helping make that challenge a little easier.