Mad Monster Party on DVD, and you’re all invited!

By The Laughing Squid crew posted the trailer for Mad Monster Party tonight. It just so happens I picked up a copy of the DVD at the local super market the other day. How can you not love this?

Mad Monster Party DVD Cover
Nice little pick-up for $9.99, and yes that’s Boris Karloff as the voice of Baron Boris von Frankenstein! Mad Monster Party is from Rankin/Bass who also created the classics Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman! Good memories.

Make sure to get your scary movie collection up to par before Halloween hits!

Halloween by Rob Zombie

Friday, August 31st marks the date the new Halloween movie reaches theaters. Halloween is easily my favorite movie series of all time, so you can image the excitement I have about the new film.
Halloween movie poster
I also happen to be a pretty big Rob Zombie fan as well! I’ve seen Rob perform twice live and enjoyed both of the horror films he has released to date.

I’m really anxious to see a horror classic like Halloween get the Rob Zombie treatment in a remake. I’m sure it will live up to the hype and my expectations. Michael Myers started this genre of horror film and he is still going stronger than ever. Freddy and Jason take notes, this is how it’s done.

I highly recommend everyone see this movie over the long Labor Day weekend! I’m sure you will not be disappointed. I know I won’t be!