End of the year dash!

By StrangeWork.com: Well it’s almost a new year and I’m in my usual dash to the finish line. I’m always real busy this time of year.

Me, My Dad, and Da Raiders!I just returned from my Oakland trip with my Dad. We went to the Raiders vs. Colts game on Sunday and witnessed magic! The Raiders held their own! Course we all know Real Mean Wear Black right?

I recently passed my one year of blogging mark. My first post was on Dec 5, 2006 about my innovator goal. Still working on it.

An Interactive Hotties Network Facebook app has begun development. It’s about half-way there.

I won’t be posting as frequently until after the new year, but I’ll be right back in the thick of it for 2008!

Be sure to show support for Susan Reynolds. Amazing show of support from Twitter and Flickr.

If you’re going to San Francisco, what should you do?

By StrangeWork.com: besides wearing flowers in your hair? Ok that was a bad Scott McKenzie reference. I’m leaving tomorrow morning for sunny Oakland/San Francisco for a mini-vacation with my Dad. The main reason for our trip is to watch the Oakland Raiders smash the Indianapolis Colts. Of course by “smash” I mean “get slaughtered by”, but being able to watch the Raiders play at HOME will be an amazing experience regardless of the game outcome.

Oakland Raiders LogoI’ve been a Raiders fan since I was 12 years old watching Bo Jackson shred defenses, but have never witnessed the Raiders play at home. I was always the fan rooting for the Raiders when they played the Colts in Indianapolis. Well no longer!

So back to my original question. What should I do in Oakland, San Francisco, or Palo Alto? Are there any spots I have to visit? As a web 2.0 junkie this is a pretty significant trip. Some of the top websites call Palo Alto home and I would hate to miss some of the top spots simply because I don’t know of them.

So let’s hear it. Where should I go? What should I do? Any top restaurants? Comment away!