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ASP time delay script

I thought I would post this function I wrote to do a simple time delay on an ASP script. It’s pretty straight forward.

Sub Pause(intSeconds)
startTime = Time()
Do Until DateDiff(“s”, startTime, Time(), 0, 0) > intSeconds
End Sub

Call Function:

Now before you start complaining, I know this is not a great solution. There can be resource issues on your server, because all this function does is loop. With that being said, there are certain cases where this script can come in handy. Some outgoing mail servers require a short delay between emails to prevent spam. I used this script on a credit card processing program I wrote. If the merchant company failed to respond to my authorization request the script would pause for 5 seconds before trying again. I would try 5 times before dumping to an error message.


First AdWords Check

A few days ago I passed the $100 mark on my Google AdWords. I started using AdWords on some of my sites about a year and a half ago. I know what you are thinking. “It took you 18 months to make $100 in ads?” Yes. Yes it did. However this is a HUGE first step for me. I can finally say I made money off of my personal sites! Sure it’s only $100 but it’s a start, and we all have to start somewhere.

Now the real question is: What should I spend it on? I’ve always told myself that I would blow the cash on something physical so I can point to whatever I buy and state “I bought that from advertising money.” Now I’m starting to think I should reinvest that money into my sites in someway. Sure $100 won’t go too far on advertising, but it would help right?

In all reality I’ll probably put it towards an XBox 360. Don’t hate!

SEO Rules!

I’m currently at the Search Engine Strategies Conference & Expo in Chicago. I’ve been learning some amazing SEO techniques over the past few days and I’m anxious to share. I plan to do a nice write-up on my findings after the conference.

Yesterday I went to watch the keynote speaker presentation which happened to be an interview with Jason Calacanis. I like Jason. He is a very blunt and honest person. I always love listening to interviews with certain internet “gurus” that I respect such as Jason. Most of these internet entrepreneurs are very down to earth guys. I can easily imagine myself sitting in a bar slamming some drinks down and throwing ideas for a new site back and forth with these guys.

It seems most people in the internet industry are a little more laid back than someone in the traditional business industry. Maybe that is why I love the internet. I fit in nicely!

Late in the game

So here I am, blogging. I didn’t think that I would ever start a blog. I remember when blogging first took off and it was all the rage. It never appealed to me….until recently. I’ve realized there is this entire social network of bloggers out there that have the same loves as I do, the internet. I guess you could call that my motivation. I want in this circle of trust.

I have this aspiration to be successful via the internet. There is something deep down inside me that wants to get out. It started out as a little *yelp* when I first started in web development. Every year that yelp has grown louder and louder. Well let me tell you, there is no longer a little yelp inside of me. This beast wants out!

My goal is to become an innovator. I found this great definition of innovator:

“One who recognizes opportunities and organizes resources to take advantage of the opportunity.”

I’m half way there. I do recognize opportunities, it’s the organizing part that usually comes up short. This is my goal….Innovator!