First AdWords Check

A few days ago I passed the $100 mark on my Google AdWords. I started using AdWords on some of my sites about a year and a half ago. I know what you are thinking. “It took you 18 months to make $100 in ads?” Yes. Yes it did. However this is a HUGE first step for me. I can finally say I made money off of my personal sites! Sure it’s only $100 but it’s a start, and we all have to start somewhere.

Now the real question is: What should I spend it on? I’ve always told myself that I would blow the cash on something physical so I can point to whatever I buy and state “I bought that from advertising money.” Now I’m starting to think I should reinvest that money into my sites in someway. Sure $100 won’t go too far on advertising, but it would help right?

In all reality I’ll probably put it towards an XBox 360. Don’t hate!