How To: Return an Xbox 360 for repairs

If you read my post Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death, you know my Xbox has recently died. I got motivated today and called Xbox support to start the process of returning my Xbox for repairs. Here is a quick guide outlining the steps I took to get my Xbox repaired.
Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death image
Step 1: Call Microsoft Xbox support at 1-800-4MY-XBOX (1-800-469-9269)

Step 2: Get a support specialist on the line. Go through their basic troubleshooting steps to determine your Xbox is indeed broke.

Step 3: Microsoft will send a pre-paid UPS box for your Xbox to be shipped in. Make sure you write your reference number on the side of your Xbox before sending it off.

Step 4: Remove all attachments from your Xbox including your hard drive and face plate.

Step 5: Send your Xbox to Microsoft in the UPS package and wait for a refurb to arrive.

The support tech said the normal turn around time is 4-6 weeks. I have a feeling that wait time is going to increase dramatically when Halo 3 launches in September.

It’s too bad we have to do this, but at least Microsoft has stepped up to the plate to cover these repairs.

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  1. Toomanybrokenxboxes says:

    Easier method:

    1) Buy new xbox360 from local store

    2) Remove new xbox from package, replace with broken xbox

    3) Return for refund.

  2. All expensive electronics are flagged by serial numbers, which they scan when you purchase to make sure you don’t do that. There is a hole in the box allowing them to scan the serial number on each Xbox sold.

  3. i just called up the xbox support call (took about half an hour to finish the call, also making me think about the myth of all support comes from india or somewhere) and i’ll be receiving the box to send off in about a few days (hoping they didn’t confuse my street address name, Xenia, for something else). I got the service ID number but where do i put it? do i just tape a piece of paper with the number on it?

    also, do i just walk to the post office and give it to them to send?

    could use some help.

  4. Yes you need to write your service ID number on a piece of paper and tape it to the side of your Xbox and then mail it out to Microsoft in the packaging they send you.

  5. thanks

  6. i juss called today and they are going to send a box for me but the guy told me to write the number down and take it to UPS….how did you do it?

  7. Yeah, Not capable of sending xbox 360 for a swap after the 90 day period..Unless you find someone stupid enough to take it…The stores do not get credit for the xbox if the serial numbers do not match the box with the xbox 360 itself..So the store person that took it would probably be at fault..But I did get a newer time frame..3 to 4 weeks total turn around time..Better than the 4-6 weeks like stated before..Sent mine off today..

  8. it has to be the red ring of death to have it as a 3 year warrenty. i just sent in my 360 today, so i’ll be waitin for about 2 weeks for it to come back fixed *since now-a-days they actually try to fix them instead of sending in another one* along with a month of xbox live for free.

  9. i forgot to put the refrence number with my xbox and i already gave it to ups. whats going to happen to my box without that number??

  10. I’m sure they track all systems via your serial number, but it might take a little longer while they try and track down your Xbox.

  11. My 360 just got the ring of death, i have all the details and such, do i just hand it to the post office?

  12. Did you receive your box with instructions from Xbox yet? Once you have that your all ready to ship it out!

  13. They dont send boxes over in england.
    Anyway to the post office?

    And thanks for the fast response (Y).

  14. You gonna reply?
    *looks for a box*

  15. sorry bro it’s not tech support, I reply when I have time and try to help out.

    Call Microsoft support for England, I’m assuming they have a special number for overseas systems. Start here:

  16. A friend of mine just gave me his older 360 because its showing the RROD. I know he bought it quite a while ago and I don’t know where, but I’m sure he didn’t buy any warranty. I’m going to call the number you posted, but I’m not optimistic.
    All I wanted to do was play DiRT.

  17. As long as it was bought less than 3 years ago, which the 360 hasn’t been out that long so your good, it will be covered. Just call them up and give them the serial number and they’ll take care of the rest.

    When I called there was no verification about me, but I did have to register my 360 with them over the phone.

  18. I just called the number, gave them the serial on my console and explained the situation to them. They didn’t seem to care, so the box is on its way.

  19. Francisco Davila says:

    I FORGOT TO PUT THE REFERNCE NUMBER ON MY XBOX AND I ALREADY SHIPPED IT OUT! and i didnt write down the serial number >.<.. Anyone have an idea of what i could do?

  20. You’ll probably be fine, but to be safe you could call Xbox support and tell them what happened. The serial number is on your Xbox already so they can probably just use that to match it up.

  21. it is now 1AM where I’m at and i just got the red ring repeatedly after playing halo3. I’m so frustrated that now i have to wait for the turn around. Just wondering if anyone actually has the time it took for turn around totally, because my roommate sent his 3 weeks ago i believe. So upsetting that i have to wait even more time to play halo >_<

  22. My total turn around was about 2 weeks, but with Halo 3 just released I’m sure they are packed full with 360’s now, so that will probably increase to around a month.

  23. like bacon said, i also forgot my reference number while sending it to ups. It’s not my fault though, i had to talk to his spanish lady named marlin at the support hotline, she didn’t say anything about putting a return address, she did give me a refernce number but she never said anything about putting it in, and she said all the steps would be on the paper with the box. I really hope i get my xbox soon.

  24. i sent my 360 back 8 days ago but before that i sent it somewere else to b fixed cos microsoft said my warrenty had run out.this was before they extended the you think they will fix it now that the seals have been broken or will they say iv tammpered with it?

  25. I don’t think Microsoft will care. If they do ask just tell them about the warranty issue and I’m sure they will fix it.

  26. thanks maan

  27. just thought id let you know that i got my xbox back and they did’nt fix it cos of tampering.its cost me over £500 all in all for my xbox and i think its a disgrace………..

  28. I just called and should b recieving my (box) in 3-5 days …i gave them them my name instead of the house owners but gave them the right address will they know where 2 send the box?…and after i send it how long will it take for the repaired xbox 2 return??????

  29. hi brad, quick question purchased a new 360 after old one had the 3 ring death dance, but the wireless controller from my old 360 wont work with the new one, and they both came with wireless controllers is there a trick to getting it to work with the new360.

  30. Make sure you resync your controllers with your new Xbox. Click the sync button on the front of your console and then click the sync button on your controller to resync them together.

  31. I just got the dreaded RROD after one year of owning the system (bought in 2006). I am going to call MS tech support to start the process for shipping it off for repair. Are they going to care that I tossed out the original receipt? I have everything else though.

  32. No they will not care. They only want your serial number from the back of your Xbox 360.

  33. So I sent my XBox in for repairs… They sent it back to me with a letter saying that it had been tampered with. When I took my XBox out of the box the XBox had a crack running up the back of it and pieces of plastic fell out into my hand. I assumed this had happened in shipping so I called the XBox repair center and explained what had happened and they flat out refused to fix it. I talked to the manager of the repair center and he refused to repair it as well saying only that “the decision had already been made and they will not fix it” so I called customer support and after two hours on the phone with several people customer support said “there is nothing they could do once the decision had been made by the repair center.

    I have had to deal with bad customer service before but this was horrible. I was only able to use my XBox for about 3 months before I got the red ring, then it sat for about 3 months before I sent it in. This is disgusting what a shoddy product M$ released then tried half heartedly to patch. It never made sense to me why anyone would stand up for what MicroSoft does, like it is a great feat of brilliance that they would extend their warranty on such a deplorable mistake on their part in the first place.

    At his point I am just going to pass the word around the internet to let people know to save their money and just get a Wii or even pay a little more and get a PS3 neither of which have any issues.

  34. My Xbox 360 was returned also saying it had been tampered with. I didn’t recieve anything from them saying they had extended the warranty so I read on the net where some folks said the processor was overheating. So I took it to my computor friend and he opened it up(suspected out of warranty)and showed me where all the jell had melted and run out from under the processor onto the mother board. He just put new silicone jell under the processor and closed it back up. Then only two red lights instead of three. When I did find out about them extending the warranty, I sent it off only to be returned half packed with a letter saying the warranty was void. They know they had a major problem. We ought to be able to file a class action suit.

  35. I’ve sent my off to be repaired even though it had been tampered with because it was out of warranty then in it again after. I’m expecting it to come back in 6 weeks not repaired and then I’ll go buy another xbox 360. I just want to try and play a damn game and never want to talk to the Pakistani or Indian people from xbox support again. I’m so pissed off that I’ll have to spent 500$ again. Do you think they should repair my xbox because I had opened it out of warranty out of desperation then sent it when it was back in warranty.

  36. Can anyone tell me the format of the reference number Microsoft provides for returns?

    Me and a bunch of guys at work are playing a prank on a fellow employee and Microsoft shipped him 2 return boxes in error.

    One box has been returned to Microsoft containing a 360 for repairs, the other contains books for a wicked practical joke.

    Please let me know, I just need a bunch of made up numbers in the format the number is given.


  37. do al xboxes come with a warranty because of the RROD plauge? because im thinking of buying a xbox 360 off of ebay for cheap and so i wanna know if i buy it and it comes and gets the rrod in a week or something can i send it to be fixed by just giving them the serial number on the box?

  38. yeah you can. I bought mines off of ebay and i called customer support about 7 months later on customer support since i got rrod and they asked my serial number. I explained about how i bought it from ebay, etc. and i luckily didnt even hav to buy the warranty because the last owner had bought the warranty. if you’re lucky u might just get the warranty for free like i did.

  39. Just had the same problem as you. Ring of death – sent back for repair two weeks later ring off death again sent back for repair then it is returned saying it has been tampered with – which is absolute rubbish. DONT BUY XBOX 360 !!

  40. I sent my non-HDMI 360 back to microsoft on 12/6 (they received it on the 12/10). Today, 12/20, I received a brand new console, manufactured 11/23/2007 with a different serial number (and HDMI), plus a 1 month gold membership live extension card.

    Sorry you guys are having such problems…

  41. Yeah, I gotta get around to doing this. Been too busy with everything. I believe now that all 360’s are doomed from the start and think I should just pick up a $400 PS3. I was dissapointed, to say the least, but still not surprised. XBOX has a better game selection than PS3, but it’s obvious that Sony wins the hardware battle and you get what you pay for when you buy Sony. I’m now surprised that I ever defected from Sony after all of the PS2’s I fixed, when I bought that XBOX. The Xbox is just addicting. It just has those features that you can’t let go of. (Not to mention Halo 3)

    I’ve basically screwed consoles ever since my ‘Box had a period a month ago. Bought a 2000 dollar pc and now I play Crysis, which is what FPS should have been in the first place. Check my blog though, and you’ll see I’m having a slew of problems too.


  42. i need to send off my exbox for repair, ive had it 2years and it just got the ring of death, i have origanl box but not the receipt, do i need that to have it repaired

  43. @bryan –

    nope, you don’t need your receipt. if your console wasn’t registered (like mine wasn’t), they’ll do it over the phone. just call the 800 number and you’re off. they’ll send you a box (via UPS)–just make sure you don’t destroy the box they send you, because your xbox is going in it.

  44. my xbox had just shown the rrod so i tried following your steps, i live in stevenage [ a few miles form London ] but the number did not work on my phone, so asking around i got this number
    this worked on my phone and although it was another Indian lady like always, she was very helpful and even talked to me about mt halo 3 addiction while i waited for her to put forward my request 🙂

    for any-one that lives near london try phoning
    [ 08005851102 ] she also told me that should visit my address to collect the x-box in 4-5 days, so i was amazed when they arrived at my house this morning , after i phoned last night , she also told me that the waiting time was 2-3 weeks but the collector of my 360 said he would probably see me in about a week 🙂

    if you have any questions please contact

  45. oh yeah , and there was no questions asked about if i was the first owner or if i had the receipt or anything like that , which is a relief as i don’t have the receipt nor am i the first owner xD

  46. Here is how I fixed mine.
    Anyways, my total cost was just under $50.
    You can find out more here;



  47. bababooey says:

    I’ve had my xbox since March ’07. I got the RROD on 1/10/08. I immediately went to and found their support site where you can register your xbox and it gives easy directions on what to do next before you request service. Just make sure that there are 3 red rings and the upper right quadrant is unlit. Then they ask you to turn off your xbox and turn it back on to see if you get the 3 red rings again. If you do, make sure there is an orange light on your power supply. If it isn’t it could indicate a different problem with your system. the 3 red rings indicate a hardware problem. After you have checked for the orange light then it indicates that you can send it in for repair. The 3year warranty only covers the 3 red rings so make sure you send it back before that time.

    Then (on xbox’s support site), you request service for your xbox where you can tell them what problem you are experiencing. After submitting the request, you get a reference number. Microsoft will then send you a box along with packing material and instructions on how to pack it. They also include a prepaid shipping label (copy down the tracking number) that you will put on the outside of the box after you seal it up. Then, you can drop it off any any authorized UPS shipping center.

    If all goes well, it should be about a 3-4 week process from the time you report the problem to the time you receive your xbox system back.

    I just got the box yesterday (1/16/08) and I sent the package out today. I’m hoping to get it back in about 2 weeks.

    By the way, you can track from xbox’s website if they received it and when they sent it back to you.

    I’ll give you an update later when I have one.

  48. Does anyone know why i’m getting this error when I try to register my RROD 360 for return (UK)

    “We are unable to validate your customer information and proceed with your order at this time.”

    I’ve tried it a few times but it won’t work. I’d originally registered it for return a few months ago but frankly was that fed up with the sorry tale I just put in it’s box and it sat there until Xmas was out of the way etc. This was when I had to source my own box and print the UPS label (which I’ve done). I packed it up yesterday, went to check the status and it said ‘no pending status’ obviously they had cancelled it due to time taken to return it.

    So I set up a NEW request. And I note that it now states to return in within 20 days (never said this before) and it also says they will now ship the label and a box to you (like the US). Anyone else in the UK get a coffin sent out? or is that just the website that is wrong and we still need to find our own box etc?


  49. Bababooey says:

    Here’s an update:

    I sent my xbox on 1/17/08 from northern California and they received it on 1/23/08. I went to the Xbox support site to double check the status. According to their website they were still waiting to receive my device. I called xbox today (1/24/08 around 10:30 am PST) and the guy said it can take up to 2 days to update the website but they could already be looking at it (yeah right).

    I know that I’m being overly anxious but I would like to know if they received it. I WANT MY XBOX BACK! I’m just afraid of getting a bad one again and then I’ll have to go through this process again. I don’t want to be one of those that is on their 3rd or 4th system.

    I’ll give you an update when I have one.

    Package Progress
    Location Date Local Time Description
    TX, US
    01/23/2008 10:53 A.M. DELIVERY
    01/23/2008 8:37 A.M. OUT FOR DELIVERY
    01/23/2008 4:15 A.M. ARRIVAL SCAN

    TX, US 01/23/2008 12:20 A.M. DEPARTURE SCAN
    TX, US 01/22/2008 6:54 P.M. ARRIVAL SCAN

    MESQUITE,TX, US 01/22/2008 2:07 P.M. DEPARTURE SCAN
    01/22/2008 12:29 A.M. ARRIVAL SCAN

    SAN PABLO,CA, US 01/18/2008 3:22 A.M. DEPARTURE SCAN
    SAN PABLO,CA, US 01/17/2008 11:58 P.M. ARRIVAL SCAN

    01/17/2008 9:40 P.M. DEPARTURE SCAN

  50. Bababooey says:

    Finally, xbox changed the status today (1/25/08) of my xbox to:

    “Device Received at Service Center”

    Hopefully I’ll get back my xbox soon.

  51. Bababooey says:

    Status changed again (1/30/08):

    “Device Shipped To Customer”

    Music to my ears. I noticed that they used FedEx Ground to ship the package back to me. I live in Northern California.

  52. CFCPhillip says:

    I’ve had the RRoD on my xbox now for quite sometime. But sometimes it will turn on without any problems.. DO you think it will be fixed if i return it to MS if it doesnt display the RRoD when it arrives at the service centre?

    P.S, i Ordered a return for my xbox on the 11th Feb its now the 22nd and i still havent recieved a box… My faith in microsoft is deteriorating…

  53. I would imagine they will. My friend sent his in for repair and he never had the RRoD, he just had constant errors while playing games and they replaced his.

  54. my roommate is in the navy and is out to sea for 8 months. his xbox got the rrod and all i have here is the box with no receipt. can i do the phone call and ship it off when the ups box arrives or does he have to do it when he gets back since he purchased it?

  55. I just phoned microsoft today,for the problemes had with my 360 with the 3 red lights. And they said theyd send me a box in 3 days.2 hours later I get a email, and they said to me

    Your service order has been created and we will process your Xbox console within 2 days of receipt.

    If requested by the Xbox Customer Support agent you spoke with on the phone, submit proof of purchase in the form of a bona fide, dated bill of sale, receipt, or invoice (or a copy) evidencing that your request for service is made within the warranty period. If proof is not received or if your proof indicates that your device is not in warranty, your device will be returned to you unopened, and you will need to pay freight charges directly to the carrier (freight collect) using only these forms of payment: personal check, certified check, cashier’s check, official check, money order or company check.

    the probleme is , I dont have my reciept. What should I do??

  56. I just phone today to microsoft,telling about them the problem with red lights,and they said they send a box then get it repaired etc..

    2 hours later I got a email from them saying:

    Your service order has been created and we will process your Xbox console within 2 days of receipt.

    If requested by the Xbox Customer Support agent you spoke with on the phone, submit proof of purchase in the form of a bona fide, dated bill of sale, receipt, or invoice (or a copy) evidencing that your request for service is made within the warranty period. If proof is not received or if your proof indicates that your device is not in warranty, your device will be returned to you unopened, and you will need to pay freight charges directly to the carrier (freight collect) using only these forms of payment: personal check, certified check, cashier’s check, official check, money order or company check

    they problem is, I dont have my reciept.

    What should I do??

  57. Hey everyone,

    on the website where you register the xbox to be fixed, does the repair center need to recieve the actual xbox before you can check on it? I try to put in my serial number to register it and it says it encountered a problem. Am I doing something wrong or what?

  58. I didn’t have to submit any kind of proof of purchase with my Xbox when I sent it for repair.

  59. yeah but what should I do send it anyways without the reciept or??

  60. georgedizzle says:

    i still need to send my 360 in for the RROD problem but i dont have my receipt. It says that if u don’t have ur receipt then they won’t fix it. I got everything else, but what should I do? Please HELP

  61. I’m from the UK and I have just sent my Xbox in for repair.

    I bought mine second hand it would only turn on the third time from the get go.I called the weirdos at xbox and they made me pay £60 for a new warrenty before they would send me the box. Instead they sent a UUPS guy to my work to collect, I am no tracking my poor poor xbox.

    Does anyone know the turn around for an xbox repair in the UK, its smaller than the states so it should be quicker right ! ! ! ! lol!! !

    I need to play condemned 2 and I cant do it with a controller and no xbox, just look at the back and pretend right!

  62. Joe Blow says:

    So why not just buy a new xbox while the current one is being fixed by microsoft. Then return the new xbox when you receive the fixed one back. Best buy has a 30 day return policy. Any issues with this?

  63. @Joe I could be wrong but don’t they typically charge a 15% restocking fee on large electronics?

    I know both Best Buy and Circuit City do on digital cameras.

  64. Do you know the failure rate for refurbished ones? I had a 360 for about 10 months got the RROD, went through the return process back in November. The one they sent me back just did the same thing so I am going through this again. Why don’t they replace the mother boards with the ones with the new chip sets?

  65. i got the rrod back in december. tried to register online to return for repair. i keep getting an error when i enter my serial number. i have tried over 14 times to register over the phone but i keep getting someone that tells me to call back in 3 hours when the system is finishe updating. anyone else experiencing this problem?

  66. I just sent my xbox but the day my coffin came i took off the faceplate and noticed the seal looked like it was taken ff at one spot and moved to another from the factory like this now what well i called them and asked if i’m wasting my time sending it ini’ve never touched it i was informed both by phone and email that they dont not only go off the fact that the seal seems to be tampered with they check the serial and the clips in the back so i will keep fingers and oes crossed on this cause as far as i can see i dont not want to wage war with microsoft cause the reps just give you the round around they just better do what is right and check not just look at a seal and say nope its been tampered

  67. my xbox 360 been sat here for a month waiting for microsoft to send me the pre printed forms from ups to get it delievered to the repair centre they said they would be here between 7-14 days first time round so i ve had to ring them up again to see where they are and the bloke said on the other side of the phone they haven’t been sent so he’d resend them between 3-5 days and guess what there still not here.they give you three options online when you register your xbox to be repaired and they don’t tell you which option you can do i.e they’d send the box to put your xbox in and they didn’t.Ive still got my snes upstairs and it still works after more than 10 years,its a joke.its a great console (before it breaks down)cant wait to get it repaired but microsoft need a kick up the arse.

  68. i dont know if anyone can help me but i’ll try. my xbox is faulty and iv gone through all the stuff with getting the box. i just dont know what i need to put in the box. is it just my xbox or is it all this stuff aswell
    Tax ID/VAT No.
    Ship From and Ship To Address Information
    Terms of Sale (Incoterms)
    Reason for Return (e.g., Return for repair, Return – wrong size, Did not want)
    Number of Units
    Unit of Measure (e.g., Each, Carton, Dozen)
    Description of Goods (e.g., What the good is, What the good is made of, What the good is used for)
    Country of Origin (Manufacture)
    Unit Value
    Total Value
    Currency (e.g., USD, CAD, EUR)

    that was all basically in the instructions. but i dont think i know half that stuff. xbox support didnt say anything when i originally set up the return.

    can anyone help.

  69. I contacted microsoft, received the necessary return number along with the ups label for the box, but NO box ever came (been 4 weeks now). Can someone tell me what type of box I need to be using to send the system back? or should I be recontacting microsoft for the needed return box?
    any and all comments/help will be greatly appreciated.

  70. thanks man i would not have know what to do if it was not for you!

  71. @Tricia,

    i guess now they are only sending people prepaid labels and recipts but you need to go to a ups store and give them the label and then they will package it and send it off. i think you have to pay for the packageing which is like $7-$8 bucks. no biggy but seeing how you’ve waited over 20 Days you need to call again and get a new label and ref # so they can process it again.

    oh and i have a question for anyone that can answer it if the send you a prepaid label and ship it does that mean that you still have warranty?

  72. well if u bought ur xbox with a warranty then yes but if u did not it depends on whats faulty with your xbox say you have a hardware error they will fix it for free or just give a new xbox in the mail but if it is not a hardware error it will cost about 99 dollars.

  73. Well, I’m very upset with microsoft i have two xbox 360’s and both of them get two red lights and freeze when im playing games i have tried all the methods i even took apart both of them and tried fixing at least 7 times each but im probably just gunna send them in but good thing i get my new xbox 360 tomorrow in the mail my own Dark Knight editon xbox 360 but microsoft im about to say screw microsoft and go out and buy a ps3 cause my buddy has one and he has Playstation network for it and you can’t get suspended or anything and its free and the only thing you have to pay for is map packs and that stuff but they dont even cost that much and you can also browse the internet on it how cool is that so im gunna send my 360’s in and if they give me red ring of death or two lights or one and if it freezes on me im gunna say bye microsoft and say hello sony.

  74. I’ve been having trouble too. I recently sent my console in for repair after the “red ring of death”. I got back a letter saying “An inspection of your console has revealed that damage excluded from that covered by the Xbox Limited Warranty, has occurred.” and now they are accusing me of “tampering” with my system. You can find out more details here:

    I’ll be blogging about my daily calls to support until I get a new 360.

  75. I don’t get it…i just set all my stuff up to have my 360 sent back..and now the stinkin site gives me an error saying


    We are unable to validate your customer information and proceed with your order at this time

    Error #: 1086

  76. ocobechiey... add me says:

    so ive hade my xbox for 2 years and ive been hearing of everyone who hade trouble with thiers and mine finally broke but im not very patient and really want a new one is thier any way to get it faster


    I set up a repair job on the XBox site (after disabling cookies!!) and received my UPS returns label almost immediately.

    I’m not entirely sure as to what I have to do now.

    I’ve read a few articles online that say they send a box out with instructions (do they still do this in the UK?). How long does this take? I only have 20 days to get it sent back to them and it’s almost been a week already!

  78. I had my 360 for about 3 years and just now the 3 red rings come up or a screen that says E68 with one red ring.I do not know if they will be able to fix my harddrive and 360 because i had alot of data in all my games and i do not want it to be erased.will they be able to fix both?

  79. I was given a busted 360 (RROD) and was told, “If you can fix it you can have it.” Well, I remove the faceplate and low and behold it still has the warranty
    sticker on it and it’s still covered till October.
    So I call Microsoft and tell them I need to send it in.
    I give him the Serial number and of course it is reg. in someone else name.
    I tell the guy how I got it and he goes to tell me that I need the Name, Address, Email,and Phone # of the original owner before they can do anything. Turns out the guy that gave it to me wasn’t the original owner but that he got it as payment from a guy he worked for and that guy had bought it from someone else.

    Damn, that’s a well traveled Xbox360…

    So of course no one can give me the info on Xbox for exchange.

    Too bad too, since it has not been tampered with.

  80. bought an xbox chipped but now has rrod,,,can i return this ,or im i going 2 have 2 buy new 1????please help

  81. hey im from UK awell daz. im in the same state as you. i got all the ups information but what do i do next. does microsoft send me a box to put my xbox in or do i have to get one and package it myself. please help someone. desperate bloody RINGS OF DEATH.

  82. halo made me dumb says:

    hey everyone, my mate was refused a 360 repair becuase he brought his xbox second hand, so i swapped my serial number with his, and sent his xbox off as if it was mine, it was all good as i got a free month’s gold membership, but now my xbox has 3 red lights and he has insured me that i could send mine with my serial number and they would fix it agian without catching on…i don’t know wat to do? any help?

  83. Jeremy Carroll says:

    Here’s a better solution. Buy your xbox at Sam’s Club if you’re in the US. Long as you have your receipt they’ll take it back and you’ll have a new one that same day. The only problem with this is you need to back up your hard drive data since you’ll return that as well.

  84. bitamin717 says:

    Since most of the info available on the internet is for people in the US, I thought I’d write the following to help out anyone in the UK who’s had the dreaded red rings of death and isn’t sure how to get their xbox360 fixed.
    Here’s what I did: First, do a google search for “Xbox 360”, then click on the first result (
    Now click on Sign In, which should be in the top-right corner of the page – use your windows live ID to sign in. (If you’ve got, or have ever had, an Xbox Live account the site should have a ready-made account for you to use).
    Now click ‘Support’ at the top of the page, then where it says ‘Repair Agent’, click ‘Repair your console’.
    Now you can either register your xbox360 using the serial number on the back, or if it’s already registered with the site, you can click straight onto your console under ‘Manage Registered Devices’
    Next, click ‘Request a new repair’, fill out the form and submit.
    Check your e-mail account a few minutes/hours later, and there should be a returns label that you can print out.
    Find a box(you need your own in the uk, even if Americans get one sent to them), put your busted console inside and stick the label on the outside (also write your service request number and return address on the outside).
    Now you’ve got to arrange pickup with UPS.
    Google search UPS, and click on UPS Global Home.
    Now click on UK which is right at the bottom of the drop-down list, even though United States is at the top of the list and it’s an alphabetical list, but never mind…
    Now choose “Schedule a collection” and schedule your collection.
    And that’s it. It took me about two days from RRoD to pickup by UPS, and I expect a shiny new re-furb to arrive within a couple of weeks with my complimentary one month xbox-live subscription included, so I can get back on Halo 3 and whup all yo asses.

  85. I have the same(RROD)problem. Got it less than a year ago, but have contacted Microsoft and have given them the serial number and apparently someone has already used that one!!! What?? I bought this brand new from Fred Meyer, I can’t find my receipt but do have the box and the info that it came with.

    Can someone help?

  86. Thank you for the great advice! I just got off the phone with XBOX and they’re emailing me the mailing label, I’m boxing it up and dropping it off at UPS, and they say I’ll have it back in no more than 3 weeks with a free month on Live. They couldn’t have been nicer.

  87. I was moving to a new state and shipped my 360 via UPS and when it arrived there were black marks on the console (probly from another item in the box) but now my 360 makes a loud grinding noise and it won’t play any disks and will say there’s a disk error or says to insert the disk into an xbox console. Its been longer then 90 days, will they accept it even still? will the black marks on the side keep them from repairing it?

  88. Rachael DePersia says:

    My 360 wont turn on. there are no flashing lights. no lights at all, actually. i need a box to send it in.

  89. rachael just call 1-800-4-my-xbox and they will send you the box but heres what i need to know from someone if i bought a xbox 360 from ebay and got the three red lights on the xbox360 will i be able to get it fixed for free from micrsoft without warrenty help please my email is or leave a comment thanks

  90. I have a 14 month old xbox that I have to send back for repair due to a one light E74 error. Will they actually repair my unit or send another already refurbished one. The reason I ask is that I paid extra to get the Special Edition Halo unit and don’t want to just get a white one back. And get this…MS could not answer this question when I asked them. Thanks

  91. etd xxjoevxx says:

    I shipped mine off on the 21st of December 2008 im kind off concered about the tampering thing i sort of took of a prong you know from the side when you take off the side platedoes that matter?

    hope it doesnt it would suck to get a gay letter for this

  92. whenever i hear about the ring of death i can’t help thinking of the movie with Naomi Watts

  93. i need help. i called the customer service number, but i cant talk to a specialist. wat do i do?

  94. Are they still sending out boxes to return the xbox360’s in? Or are they just having you print out the UPS label?

    Are they still sending out refurbished units, or are they starting to send out new units to stop returns on rrod?

  95. there sending me a box right now as we speak.

  96. Where does the UK boxes go? Because on my emailed label it says frankfurt, Germany. If it is germany its guna take ages. In the UK we have to find a box ourselves. Only brought the xbox 360 elite on 7th june 09 and it went wrong within 1hour playing that evening, it just shut down and turned it back on 3 red lights. Think i’ll just stick to my ps3 much better. Exactly the same online.

  97. HI my xbox kept on frezzing and then came up with the three fashing red lights but the part on the box thing on the plug has still got a green light wot do i do ???

  98. I pretty much have the same issue with Taylor! I emailed tech support and they said I would have to send it in…havent recieved a shipping box. I have only had my xbox for about 1 year too!!

  99. Edward, the first time mine broke mine went to germany but only took 9 days to get back so dont let that put you off sending it, its quicker than youd think

  100. Well, im kinda worried-ish.

    I’m going to send my xbox in soon.

    I’ve only had it for a month, and i got it off ebay. Im sending it in for the E74 error, so it’s free. I’ve checked all the warranty stickers, and they’re all on. Im just worried, because a lot of the people here have said their xbox’s didnt get repaired due to “tampering”.

    I honestly cant know if the ebay seller “tampered” with it. Couldn’t you just put the sticker right back on?

  101. Oh yea, and how important is it to put the return address and service number on the xbox itself? It seems weird, because it’s already on the label.

  102. will they take a four year old xbox i got mine when it first came out and it worked well till now

  103. Any suggestions…My son bought an Xbox in October with a one year warranty. He has it with him in Iraq and it needs repaired now. I’m not sure what the exact problem is, though.

    He is gonna send the system back to me in the U.S. and he wants me to call them and have box sent to return it to them.

    What should I expect? Are they going to want to know the details about what is wrong with it? If so, I need to know so I can ask my son to explain it to me next time he calls me.

    Also, someone said on an earlier post something about removing the face plate and hard drive before sending it for repairs. Will I have to do this? Cause I sure don’t know how. Maybe I will have to ask my son to do that before he sends it to me from Iraq, huh? Anyone know??

    Well, this old Mom appreciates any help!

  104. I can’t stand Microsoft. I have had problems with them in the past when I had an Xbox break on me a year ago and they refused to fix it claiming I tampered with it which is absolute garbage. Just this past Tuesday I shipped another 360 that broke on me to thier repair center and they received it Thursday and a day later they’re shipping it back. I know they are gonna send it back unrepaired again. This is ridiculous. Is there anything we can do to fight back against Microsoft especially when they’re refusing to fix thier own defective product.

  105. hey all my games are coming up as dvds, i talked to a gamestop associate and they said it might be a glitch in the system.. so i was wondering if thats a usual problem and will they still repair it.

  106. What if you do not have a memory card and all your saved files are in your hardrive? What do I do now if I have the ring of death?

  107. so i never keep receipts….cuz im a loser i guess but im sending my xbox in and i dont have that proof of when i bought it so do i really need that or is there another way of proving it that they’ll accept?

  108. Fuck ups Its been gone for 3 months now and my son is about to kill himself so Fuck ups

  109. Cripphead says:

    I bought a limited edition halo 3 xbox 360 in 2007. i got the red ring about a month ago, is it still insurable? or do i have to buy a new xbox?

  110. zane trance says:


    I have the limited edition Halo 3 Xbox360, just sent mine today, packaged it and boxed it myself. They no longer send “coffins”. I printed out the label and taped it to the top of the box. Went over and dropped it off at UPS. Have the tracking number and all, but when I check my email, and scroll to the bottom of the email, it says I should have written my Service Request # on the box as well. I wonder why this wasn’t part of the packing instructions, or on the label I printed which seemed as though it was specifically mine. I hope they just send it back, Ill just fix the fucking thing myself, all I really need is some Arctic Silver compound from frys for about 5 bucks… Plus I can get some LED fans and shit.


  112. So nobody has an answer to the question of will MS send back a Halo 3 Limited Edition case or just some crap generic white case? I’m wondering as well now because mine just crapped out tonight and this site came up in my search for the answer.

  113. Well, to answer my own question…

    It depends. I’ve been reading some good and bad, and some true horror stories. Seems like we might get back out original and fixed xbox, sometimes with new innards. Sometimes we might get back some refurbished plain unit. And one case a guy got back a busted up, crud encrusted plain unit with a note saying it was that way when they got it and they weren’t fixing it because he’d modded it and broken seals and such. Yikes. I’d have blown a gasket and MS would have heard me complaining before I’d dialed the phone. He responded calmly and factually. And it didn’t get him anywhere. Based on that case there are some real low lifes running around the repair center. Though from another reply there might just be some angels too.

    So, with nervous trepidation I commit my beloved Halo 3 Limited Edition to the fates…

    …just as soon as I make a serious time stamped and witnessed recording of every angle showing the pristine condition and the flashing 3RROD for insurance and possible litigation.

  114. Does your xbox’s warranty have to be intact for Microsoft to repair it?

  115. Not sure what you mean by intact Will so this is just a guess at your concerns… If they find official seals broken or signs of mods or abuse they will probably disallow the repair and ship it back to you unrepaired and charge you for s&h both ways, if I read the whole spiel correctly.

  116. Epilogue (FWIW): Well, I got an XBOX back, just shy of the 4 week mark. Not sure it’s mine but it is a Halo 3 LE one in good shape, and so far so good in function as well. And a one month of Live card with it for the inconvenience. It looks like it is a refurbished model, tagged Nov 21, 2009, just days before mine arrived. So MS is good in my books, they stepped up and fixed the RROD for free under the extended warranty. Thanks for the space to share and the guidance your blog offered Brad.

  117. i just sent mine like a week ago i dnt remember if i had da falcon(2007) edition. Do i get a jasper(2008-9) or a falcon(2007) edition back?

  118. Rich: It’ll probably be luck of the draw, whatever console comes up in the batch that matches yours(basic, elite, limited). And the new serial number label will have the date it was refurbished on, not manufactured so there’ll be no way to tell from that. You might luck out and get a jasper, or I’ve read you might even get a launch console.

  119. Hello,

    I read through a lot of these comments in order to limit my chances of repeating someone else and asking a question that had already been answered, but after reading over fifty and realizing that I had hardly cracked the surface I gave up. Props, to you, by the way.

    Anyway, my question is: is it true that Microsoft extended the warranty to all X-Box owners to one free-send-in (I understand that -if this is true- it is old news and apologize)? If not, how much did your refurbish cost?

    Thank you,

    The Chaz

  120. Do we have to pay for if the warrinty is expired?

  121. Chaz – I’d not heard that, far as I know it’s just an extended 3 yr warranty for certain types of failures, and not limited to 1 time. I’ve heard a few say they’ve sent in multiple times, the ones they got in exchange failing as well.

    Guam – Yep, again noting that some failures are covered under the special 3 yr extended warranty. But if you’re not covered you pay (~$100 iirc)

    both – if having to pay for a refubished you’re probably much better off selling your dead XBOX on eBay or some such and buying a new one, especially if it’s older than 3 years

  122. Hi every one,

    got a question i am from Australia but i am moving to the uk in three weeks.
    I have got a xbox360 elite witch i perches in Australia 14 months ago last knight i got the red ring of death,
    so what i want to know is.
    Can i send my Australian bought xbox360 for repair in the uk when i get there,
    cos dont think it will be back in time if i send it off here. can anybody help.

  123. Tony Martin says:

    I bought a refurbished XBox 360 from (which I have bought things from fine before). This one worked for 1 hour! I don’t know what’s wrong with it and cannot get a hold of anyone from Amazon or the company who sent it to me. Is there any sense at all at this point of contacting Microsoft about it or am I totally screwed because this was a refurbished model?

  124. John Nagro says:

    Microsoft no longer sends you a return shipping box (just the pre-paid label). I did find a company called BoxYourBox that will priority mail you all the packing materials you need to return a xbox – a box, packing peanuts, tape, instructions. Just slap the MSFT label over theirs and call UPS for pickup. They’re worth checking out, super convenient if you don’t want to make an extra trip to the post office / packing supply store.

  125. egp1114 says:

    hey this only happend with the 2007 ones …

  126. My 10 and 13 yr old boys got their 360 for christmas and now it wont read ANY discs. I googled this 360 pros site and printed a fedex label, is this really legit? I dont want to send my babies game to a company that is a scam. Please help me!!!!!!

  127. John Nagro says:

    Mira –

    Don’t risk it, besides your xbox may still be under warranty. Call the Microsoft repair center, they’ll email you a legit shipping label, get yourself a shipping package, and call UPS for pickup. You’ll have it back in a couple weeks, repaired by Microsoft with genuine parts. All the instructions you need are here:


  128. Okay article. I just became aware of your blog and desired to say I have really enjoyed reading your opinions. Any way I’ll be subscribing in your
    feednad lets hops you post again soon.


    1-so i send my xbox 360 for repair 2 weeks ago with perfect packaging instuctions and everything

    2-after about 1 week or 1 week n a half i get an email saying that my label was damaged or my xbox had been tried to open by force

    3-i go to my service repair status and randomly it seys your xbox repair was COMPLETED

    3-they send me a tracking number for ups like 3 days ago and when i track it all it says is ups has recived your package and is getting ready to send it to you from:(MX) is MX supposed to be a state/country/orw.e cuz idk what da f… they mean by MX and do you think they still fixed my xbox…???????HELP PLEASE I RESENTLY PURCHASED COD black ops AND 1 DAY LATER BOOM RROD…

    HELP !?!?!?!?!? -.- TYVM IF YOU DO HELP ME

  130. Thank you for information! I will try it!

  131. how much will the gredy fuckers charge

  132. Very nice article, totally what I needed.

  133. i bought a 360 slim and had it for 6 months then i started to get it freezing distorted graphics and the red dot not a ring so i took it to a local repair shop and the guy said he could fix it and do it for 85-105 and told me xbox would charge me 175 so like a dumb@$$ i jump all over it then i dropped it off so two months later i picked it and he said he fixxed the overheating problems but he said the new slims have a sensor that knows when its been open and that i needed another motherborad and they would cost me 250 (my problem is that it worked before i dropped it off now it goes straight to the red dot) but i looked on the microsoft website and found out my warranty ended december 31 2012 and that i can send it in for 79.00 and wait 3 to 4 weeks and will they send me a refurb???? my real question is since i had someone else try to fix it and they broke that lil white sticker on the back that seal will they fix it or will i have to buy a new one and just eat my 299.99 or should just buy the new red ps3 500gb for 380.00 on march 12th 2013