How To: Return an Xbox 360 for repairs

If you read my post Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death, you know my Xbox has recently died. I got motivated today and called Xbox support to start the process of returning my Xbox for repairs. Here is a quick guide outlining the steps I took to get my Xbox repaired.
Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death image
Step 1: Call Microsoft Xbox support at 1-800-4MY-XBOX (1-800-469-9269)

Step 2: Get a support specialist on the line. Go through their basic troubleshooting steps to determine your Xbox is indeed broke.

Step 3: Microsoft will send a pre-paid UPS box for your Xbox to be shipped in. Make sure you write your reference number on the side of your Xbox before sending it off.

Step 4: Remove all attachments from your Xbox including your hard drive and face plate.

Step 5: Send your Xbox to Microsoft in the UPS package and wait for a refurb to arrive.

The support tech said the normal turn around time is 4-6 weeks. I have a feeling that wait time is going to increase dramatically when Halo 3 launches in September.

It’s too bad we have to do this, but at least Microsoft has stepped up to the plate to cover these repairs.