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By Looking for a web 2.0 way to organize your finances? Look no further than Mint takes the effort out of money managing with their unique online tools. Logo
The biggest draw to is the simplicity of it. After creating a user account simply enter your banks online login information. then connects to your bank account and imports all of your financial information. Scary right? A little, but Mint is quick to make you feel at ease about their security measures in place. also automatically categorizes your transaction history using their patent-pending technology. This is extremely valuable in tracking where you are needlessly spending money. isn’t perfect and will on occassion miss-categorize a transaction. No problem, just click the category icon and select the appropriate category for that transaction. recently won the TechCrunch40 Top Company Award with a nice $50,000 prize! is a great FREE alternative to Microsoft Money and Quicken. With the ability to access your finances anywhere, look for to quickly gain popularity among seasoned internet veterans and newbies alike!

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  1. Have you seen our Electric CheckBook entry for RailsRumble07 ? It was completely designed and built during the 48-hours Rails competition.

    Its flexible double-entry ledgers can be shared within a group enabling remote partners, your accountant and spouse can share access to the appropriate accounts without emailing files back and forth.

    Mint is obviously a bit more mature, but ours was designed, developed and launched in 48 hours. It has already replaced Quickbooks for our small distributed team and handles our accounting, project budgeting, and contractor timesheets. We’ll continue to add features that we need to manage our personal and business finances.

  2. Brad,

    Thanks for review…and the link to our security measures. We’ve spent a lot of time and effort making sure Mint is secure, not just through encryption, but physically secure (7-layers of physical security, 5 biometric scanners, cameras everywhere, dedicated resources); anonymous; and even secure from employees (through one-way encryption, criminal and financial background checks on all employees and contractors). We use bank-level procedures.

    I’m glad you like the simplicity of it all…we’ve been working on our design for well over a year.

    Aaron Patzer
    Founder & CEO,

  3. Robert – Great site and very admirable on the 48 hour build time! I’ll be sure to review on a post soon! I’m doing in October here in Indiana. Looking forward to it!

    Aaron – thanks for the comment! Shows the dedication you and your team have for your product. Was talking to my buddy about after work and we both agreed it’s a great site and will be HUGE! Congrats on the win at TechCrunch40!

  4. Well now, the $ symbol in the Logo actually has some meaning 🙂

  5. courtney says:

    Hi Brad,

    Really nice and informative post.It helps users like us to choose our money management tool since the essence of money management has really increased.

    I don’t know much about mint as I use manageME7 for managing my finances. It helps:

    -to manage my day-to-day finances more conveniently
    -my husband can use this web based application anywhere, anytime while traveling.
    -I also get a chance to earn through its affiliate program

    May be you too found it interesting and end up writing a review so that others can also use it.

    Great work Brad.