Manage Your Money Online

By Looking for a web 2.0 way to organize your finances? Look no further than Mint takes the effort out of money managing with their unique online tools. Logo
The biggest draw to is the simplicity of it. After creating a user account simply enter your banks online login information. then connects to your bank account and imports all of your financial information. Scary right? A little, but Mint is quick to make you feel at ease about their security measures in place. also automatically categorizes your transaction history using their patent-pending technology. This is extremely valuable in tracking where you are needlessly spending money. isn’t perfect and will on occassion miss-categorize a transaction. No problem, just click the category icon and select the appropriate category for that transaction. recently won the TechCrunch40 Top Company Award with a nice $50,000 prize! is a great FREE alternative to Microsoft Money and Quicken. With the ability to access your finances anywhere, look for to quickly gain popularity among seasoned internet veterans and newbies alike!