Halo 3.0 meets Web 2.0

By StrangeWork.com: Halo 3 was released this past Tuesday to record sales as most predicted it would be. One of the major improvements for Halo 3 is the player/game data available to the public to view on Bungie.net. Bungie records absolutely every stat imaginable and makes those stats available on their gamer portal.

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Bungie.net tracks every in game stat in real time including total kills by weapon, detailed game history, ranked medal chest awards, and more! Halo 3 ScreenshotOne of the coolest features is the new File Share system. Using the file share system you can easily upload snapshots and videos from your past games to share with the public. Click the thumbnail to view the full size screenshot of me shooting down a banshee last night.

Not only is this fun for the gamer, but a great marketing tool for Halo 3 and Bungie. Gamers are scattering videos and snapshots across the web to show off their Halo abilities. Bungie has done an amazing job expanding Halo 3 to the Web and we can only hope that other game developers take notice.

Halo 3: My Addiction!

So everyone digital knows Halo 3 launches tomorrow. I am one of the million or more gamers out there that has a reserved copy with my name on it in a big box in the back of Best Buy with all his other little buddies.
Halo 3 logo
This Halo short movie popped up on Digg today and if you haven’t seen it watch it right now!

Watch Halo Short Movie

Just a small taste of what a Halo movie could be! I’ll be gaming it up on Halo 3 for the next few days (gamertag: JohnnyMongoloid)

Game on Master Chief, Game on!

Xbox 360 repaired and returned

My Xbox 360 repair journey has come to an end. I received my Xbox 360 back from Microsoft support last Friday. It took a total of 19 days from the initial call to receiving my Xbox back and working. Xbox 360 logo

It was very apparent that Microsoft has spent a lot of money on the repair process. The entire process was very streamlined and efficient.

Overall I have to give Microsoft props. I don’t think they could have made this process any easier. I’ve spoke with gamers who sent there system in back in June and had a horrible experience, but it appears they have worked out all of the bugs in their system.

If your Xbox is busted I suggest you get the repair process started ASAP. Halo 3 will be here before you know it and then there might just be a line to get your Xbox repaired.

Xbox 360: Coming home to daddy

I just received an email from Microsoft informing me that my Xbox 360 repairs have been completed! It’s pretty amazing how quickly my Xbox 360 was fixed:

8/6/2007 – Mailed Xbox 360 to Microsoft support via UPS

8/10/2007 – Microsoft received my Xbox 360

8/12/2007 – Receive email stating repairs are done

Microsoft received my package on 8/10 and my Xbox was fixed by 8/12. Keep in mind 8/10 was a Friday, so this means they are working weekends to complete these repairs. I should receive my Xbox this week!

I’ve actually been too productive without my Xbox, so it’s return will be very nice! Now I can finally finish up Saints Row.

Xbox 360: Sent for repairs

If you read my earlier post titled “How to return an Xbox 360 for repairs” then you know the troubles I’ve had with my Xbox 360. I received my packaging on Friday and shipped my Xbox out this Monday morning.

Xbox 360 packaging

I was told by Microsoft Tech Support that it would take around 4-6 weeks to receive another Xbox 360. I’ve also heard from some Xbox owners that they received a refurbished Xbox 360 within 2 weeks. Only time will tell.

How To: Return an Xbox 360 for repairs

If you read my post Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death, you know my Xbox has recently died. I got motivated today and called Xbox support to start the process of returning my Xbox for repairs. Here is a quick guide outlining the steps I took to get my Xbox repaired.
Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death image
Step 1: Call Microsoft Xbox support at 1-800-4MY-XBOX (1-800-469-9269)

Step 2: Get a support specialist on the line. Go through their basic troubleshooting steps to determine your Xbox is indeed broke.

Step 3: Microsoft will send a pre-paid UPS box for your Xbox to be shipped in. Make sure you write your reference number on the side of your Xbox before sending it off.

Step 4: Remove all attachments from your Xbox including your hard drive and face plate.

Step 5: Send your Xbox to Microsoft in the UPS package and wait for a refurb to arrive.

The support tech said the normal turn around time is 4-6 weeks. I have a feeling that wait time is going to increase dramatically when Halo 3 launches in September.

It’s too bad we have to do this, but at least Microsoft has stepped up to the plate to cover these repairs.

Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death

It was bound to happen. My Xbox 360 finally received the Red Ring of Death (RROD). Xbox 360

What makes it even more frustrating is the fact that I had NO problems leading up to this. My Xbox 360 was amazing and never froze, glitched, locked up, or acted funny in anyway. Then one day BAAM, and it’s down for the count. I’m glad Microsoft is owning up to this problem and extended the Xbox warranty to three years, but damn! Now I have to send it off for a few weeks to get fixed.

The Nintendo Wii is looking better and better! Playstation what?