Good and Bad Computer Karma

I’ve always felt there is computer karma. Some people are born with good computer karma and some with bad computer karma. There are certain people who are the black sheeps in the computer world. No matter what they do they just have bad luck with computers. These are the users who manage to get errors that you have never seen before. These are the users that no matter how hard they try they just can’t get anything to work on their computer.

Then there are the people with good computer karma. That’s me! I know that I have good computer karma. However, in the past fews months my karma is like a rollercoaster. There are really high peaks and really low valleys. Take last week for example. I’m at my first day of SES 2006 and right after my first class I get a phone call. “The warehouse server won’t boot up and it says No hard drives found.” UGH! I spent the next 3 days helping coordinate the rebuilding of our warehouse server over the phone while still trying to focus on the classes I was attending.

I come back Thursday and get the warehouse back online only to hit another roadblock. The IT guy I had rebuild the server didn’t install antivirus software and I forgot to remind him to. So of course there was an infected computer on our network that instantly infected my freshly rebuilt warehouse server. Double UGH!

So that was my fun week. Do you believe in karma? I know I do!