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December 2006

ASP time delay script

I thought I would post this function I wrote to do a simple time delay on an ASP script. It’s pretty straight forward. Function: Sub Pause(intSeconds) startTime = Time() Do Until DateDiff(“s”, startTime, Time(), 0, 0) > intSeconds Loop End Sub Call Function: Pause(5) Now before you start complaining, I know this is not a […]

First AdWords Check

A few days ago I passed the $100 mark on my Google AdWords. I started using AdWords on some of my sites about a year and a half ago. I know what you are thinking. “It took you 18 months to make $100 in ads?” Yes. Yes it did. However this is a HUGE first […]

SEO Rules!

I’m currently at the Search Engine Strategies Conference & Expo in Chicago. I’ve been learning some amazing SEO techniques over the past few days and I’m anxious to share. I plan to do a nice write-up on my findings after the conference. Yesterday I went to watch the keynote speaker presentation which happened to be […]

Late in the game

So here I am, blogging. I didn’t think that I would ever start a blog. I remember when blogging first took off and it was all the rage. It never appealed to me….until recently. I’ve realized there is this entire social network of bloggers out there that have the same loves as I do, the […]

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