Wis.dm – Question Everything

Would you get sick of rice if you had to eat it almost every single day? Can there be life without TV? These and thousands of more pointless, yet addicting, yes or no questions can be found at a new web 2.0 site called wis.dm.

Wis.dm logo

wis.dm is an online community where you ask questions to the wis.dm crowd and get back useful answers.

Wis.dm was founded by Martin Clifford. Clifford was one of the founders of uDate.com, which was sold in 2003 for around $150 million. Wis.dm went public in April 2007 and is growing at a tremendous rate!

I just created a new account and already am in love with the simplicity of the entire site. The site has also incorporated a solid use of AJAX for the voting piece. Overal Wis.dm is a pretty amusing site and a good time waster if your in the market for one!