Got Cash?

A friend of mine sent me an invite to a couple days ago. Moola takes game sites to a new level. logo

Real Cash. Free to Play

Skeptical? So was I. Moola is pretty straight forward. You start out with ONE shiny penny! Now you have to wager your new shiny penny for a shot at TWO pennies! You then play simple flash based games like Ro Sham Bo and Hi Lo.

Each level you reach allows you to wager your entire stack against someone. There are currently 30 levels and the top payout is $10 million.

To date Moola has paid out $3,228,651 to players.

What’s the catch you ask? Between each round you have to watch a 15 second commercial and answer a question about the commerical you just watched.

Overall is fun to try. If your into gambling you will probably enjoy this site, if not it’s fun to visit on occasion. Free money is good right?