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July 2007 – Phone 2.0

I’m sure by now most of you have heard the news of Google buying So what is GrandCentral? In their words: With GrandCentral, you can be reached with a single number, answer a call at any phone you want, seamlessly switch phones in the middle of a call, and even know whether a call […] – Question Everything

Would you get sick of rice if you had to eat it almost every single day? Can there be life without TV? These and thousands of more pointless, yet addicting, yes or no questions can be found at a new web 2.0 site called is an online community where you ask questions to […]

Naked Cowboy on launched a new channel yesterday for the world famous Naked Cowboy! The Naked Cowboy is a street performer who frequents Time Square New York. I have to admit, this guy is pretty damn funny to watch. During the day he is usually performing for crowds of people and in the evenings he’s singing to […]

Blue Screen of Death

Ok so lately my luck with ______ Screen of Death (fill in any color you would like) hasn’t been the greatest. First my Xbox 360 fizzles with the RRoD and now my laptop fried with the BSoD! Yesterday at about 8:30am I received my first blue screen. After the initial lock up I received a […]

People Search 2.0

Welcome to people search 2.0. What is people search exactly? Well according to and, people search is the third most important search behind web and product search. Ok so what is it? People search specific sites search the public profiles on MySpace, Bebo, Friendster, LinkedIn, Live Spaces, and other sources indexing member bios. […]

Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death

It was bound to happen. My Xbox 360 finally received the Red Ring of Death (RROD). What makes it even more frustrating is the fact that I had NO problems leading up to this. My Xbox 360 was amazing and never froze, glitched, locked up, or acted funny in anyway. Then one day BAAM, and […]

Best carpet cleaner in the world

I just used the best carpet cleaner in the world! Resolve Carpet Cleaner High Traffic. Why are you blogging about carpet cleaner? Cause it’s my blog and this stuff is the best damn thing in the world! I had the fun task of cleaning a couple stains on the carpet, thinking there was no way […]

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