Stolen Blog Content

By There is nothing in this world more frustrating then someone stealing your blog content. Even worse is when the site stealing your content also steals your search engine placement and you, the original author, gets bumped off the SERPs for duplicate content.

This happened to me recently for my post Free Motorola Q USB Device Drivers. This post was stolen by a site who has now bumped be off of Google for the search term “Motorola Q drivers”. Now instead of a user finding my article with the correct drivers they are looking for, they are taken to an adsense whored out site with no drivers on it.

Google and the other major search engines need to put a stop to this now! I was pulling in around 60 uniques a day from that post and now nothing. I have also received great feedback from people who really needed these drivers, but of course now they won’t be able to find them. This is where has the right idea. User created results will always be more accurate then computer created results.

As a result I will now begin every blog post with “By”. I HATE thieves!